The Path to Choose

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  • Published: 24 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 24 Feb 2013
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A girl named Haley has had trouble her whole life with everything. Her life only seems to be getting worse, and she doesn't know how to turn it around. Will she turn it around? If so, how?


6. A day full of toons

I woke up the next morning, feeling tired and weak.  My eyes were red and puffy from last night.  I sat up in bed and looked around.  I had fallen asleep crying, leaving my bedroom light on.  I got up and turned it off.  It wasn't needed anyways.  There was enough sunlight coming through the window to light up the whole room.  I walked over to my window and closed the curtains a little.  I left it open just barely so that a thin line of light shown across the room.

I walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror.  My hair was in tangles, my eyes red, and my cheeks had tear stains on them.  I tried combing through my hair, but soon gave up.  I got undressed and hopped in the shower, hoping to clear my mind.  It worked for the most part, but the thought was still in the back of my mind.  I finished in the shower and got out, wrapping a towel around myself.  I wrapped my hair in a separate towel then walked back into my room.

I sat down on the edge of bed, listening for any sound in the house.  I didn't hear anyone down in the kitchen, and I couldn't tell if my parents were still asleep or just gone.  I looked over at the clock.  It was 9:30.  They had probably already left.  They wouldn't want to see me.  I got up and walked over to my dresser.  I grabbed some sweat pants and a old T-shirt.  I had decided not to go anywhere today.  

After I got dressed, I finished drying my hair and went downstairs.  I went into the kitchen, looking for breakfast.  I grabbed a skillet and some eggs, making myself something to eat.  After I was finished cooking my scrabbled eggs, I walked through the house, making sure nobody was home.  After I was done checking, I went into the living room and sat down on the couch.  I turned the TV on to a cartoon channel.  I didn't want to deal with anything serious today. After I finished eating, I washed my bowl and went back up to my room.  I combed my hair and brushed my teeth.  

I heard the phone ringing and I rushed back downstairs to answer it.  I picked up the receiver. 

"Hello?" I said, a bit out of breath.  I didn't hear anyone on the other side of the line. "Hello?" I said again.

"Haley?" I heard a woman's voice.  "I wanted to apologize for last night."

I stood there for a moment, anger rising inside of me.  My aunt had some nerve calling me like this.  She had piratically agreed with my mother by the way she had acted.

"Haley?" I heard her ask. "Are you there?"

"Yeah, I'm here."

"Look, I feel really bad about last night.  I should have never judged you like that.  Jim and I are both sorry," 

"Jim didn't do anything.  He just followed you."

She paused for a minute. "Yes.  Yes, you're right.  I truly am sorry.  I'd like to make it up to you."

"How?" I said hesitantly.  I wasn't just going to trust her.

"However you want.  I could take you shopping, go to a movie.  You could even come over for dinner if you'd like."

I thought about it for a minute.  I'm not going to lie.  I actually liked the sound of someone from my family wanting to do something with me.  "I'll think about it." I said.

"Great. Great. I'll call back in a day or two to hear your decision.  And thanks so much for giving me a second chance, Haley."

She hung up the phone, and I heard the dial tone  come on.  I hung up and stood there for a minute, letting everything sink in.  I didn't really know how to feel.  As much as I wanted to do something with someone from my family, I was reluctant to agree.  I pushed the thought from my head.  I would have time to think about it, but right now, I didn't really want to think about anything.  

I walked over and sat down on the couch, looking at the TV.  A cartoon was on.  Timothy and I used to watch this show.  I reached for the remote, wanting to change it, but I paused.  I remembered this part.  It had made Tim and me laugh hysterically.  I smiled at the show, leaning back on the couch.  I brought my knees up to my chest, wrapping my arms around them and resting my chin.  Turns out a marathon of the show was on today.

 I sat on the couch all day, watching the show.  Parts of it made me laugh, and it felt good.  I hadn't laughed in so long.  I heard the front door open, and Mom and Dad stepped into the house.  I saw them walk into the doorway of the living room.  I didn't even look at them.  I kept my eyes fixed on the TV, not caring what they would think about me watching cartoons all  day.  I saw them walk away down the hall, whispering to each other.  I laid down on the couch, covering myself up with a blanket we kept in the living room.  I stayed on the couch all night, watching the cartoon I would forever remember.

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