Fearing the Future

One Direction were just a normal band with a normal life. They thought nothing was going to happen. Until, one day, they discovered something, something to make them fear every single step they took...


9. Twitcam + Mel is introduced

El's POV.

It was now the start of the mini tour! We met up with the rest of the boys, Dani, Perrie and Melissa. We all got on the tour bus. Louis fell asleep on my lap and curled up and looked so cute in his red jeans and striped t-shirt. He's so adorable!

Melissa's POV.

I know Harry and I had only met about 6 months ago, I'm still not his girlfriend yet, but we are going out. I don't really mind though. I was wearing an oversized cream sweater, skinny jeans and brown boots. I had golden hoops and a bit of makeup. Just concealer, mascara and a tinted lip balm. I had my legs over Harry's legs as he was on his laptop.
"What are you doing Harry?" I asked.
"On twitter with the fans. Do you wantto do a twitcam?" "Sure!" I responded. He quickly tweeted the link and our faces showed up.

"Hello world! Good morning, afternoon or night wherever you are! This is my friend Melissa."
"Hi!" I said shyly. Immediately a ton of comments come in.

'Melissa's so pretty! #supportthegirlfriends'
'Is she your gf Harry?'
'Mel is so beautiful!'
'Get Niall here!'

We called Niall over and he came onto the screen and offered Harry and I his nandos chips he somehow got. Maybe he got them before we got on the bus or we stopped over without noticing. We grabbed a couple as Harry responded.

"Thank you for all the compliments. I'm sure Melissa is flattered."
"I'm very flattered, I was afraid you guys wouldn't like me. I love you guys already!" I blew a kiss to the screen.
"And to answer the other question," Harry continued to his previous point. "We are going out but we aren't dating yet." A flood of comments came in.

'Why not? :('
'Disappointed Harry...'
'Awww... You guys are so cute...'
'But Mel is so pretty! We want more!'
'We will still #supportthegirlfriends Mel included no matter what you guys status is.'
'Truth ^ #merryforever #marryforever'

"Well then," Harry said. "Mel, will you be my girlfriend?" Being the drama queen I am, I decided to dramatize the scene.
"Well I'll have to think about it."

'Nooo!!! #merrymustmarry'
'Merry merry merry!??!????'

"Just kidding! Of course!" I tapped his nose as we pulled in for a kiss. Niall and stolen Harry's laptop and was running around the bus.
"HIII TWITCAM!" Niall yelled. "I AM VIDEO BOMBING HARRY'S TWITCAM WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE HIS FACE?" He turned it around, focusing on his angry face. He found a seat and continued. Harry tried to get up, but I kept him down because of my legs.
"Let Niall do his thing," I said. I pulled him into the bathroom. Nobody had noticed as they were either sleeping, had headphones on or were minding their own business.

We kissed in the small bathroom.
"Its really hot in here," Harry whispered. "It must be you." He took off his shirt. His abs were glowing. "You smell nice. What are you wearing?" "Victoria secrets Warm and Cozy." "Its beautiful, just like you." We sat in the small bathroom like we had before, except his shirt was off, making it feel a bit awkward. But then it felt normal. I had seen pictures of him shirtless. Except if we sat outside like this it wod be awkward because its actually really cold in the bus, its only stuffy in the bathroom. I felt comfortable. I could sit here all day.

Niall's POV.
I had ended the twitcam. He had his facebook and twitter open. His iPhone 5 was still on his seat. I spammed his facebook and twitter with tweets about how awesome Niall is and his instagram had this tap which photos to post. I took 300 weird selfies which took 3 minutes because his phone didn't lag and spammed his instagram with all the photos, as well as spamming 2.6 million peoples news feeds with my photos. I also changed his passcode to niallisthebest, locked his phone and ran away.
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