Fearing the Future

One Direction were just a normal band with a normal life. They thought nothing was going to happen. Until, one day, they discovered something, something to make them fear every single step they took...


7. Seems like Everything's Alright...

AN: I'll try and update once a week at least. I typed most of it up earlier but then it got deleted and I had to start again. Like and favourite maybe? -Jess

*Two days before Valentine's Day in America*

Dani's POV.

Liam has been telling me about these letters but lately, I have a feeling he's hiding something from me... Other than that, everyone knows what they're doing for Valentine's Day. Everyone except me. Liam's keeping it a secret. He just told me to wear something semi formal. I'm meeting up with El and Perrie.

El's POV.

I'm going shopping today with Dani and Perrie! We're not only going to shop for VD but for the short upcoming tour. We met at a cafe and exchanged notes. We decided we'd take notes on a different guy for like what scents he likes on his gf, what colours, hairstyles, styles, shoes, makeup colours etc. I was spy for Zayn, Dani was spy for Louis and Perrie was spy for Liam. Dani was wearing a coral skater skirt, a white sleeveless blouse tucked in with gold accents on the edges of the collar and coral crossed over heels. Her hair was naturally curly. She just had a bit of BB cream, concealer, mascara, blush and an almost neon lip stain. Perrie was wearing a white faded floral pair of frayed shorts, a pale pink sleeveless top that was tied above her belly and pink wedges. She had a touch of foundation, mascara, slight eyeliner blush and lipstick. I was wearing a black mini skirt with a floral pattern, a fitted white tank top with a bow cut out at the back and a black cuffed sleeve blazer. My hair was naturally wavy and my shoes were dainty, white heels. My makeup was minimal-concealer, mascara, a bit of peachy blush and a tinted lip balm. Ihad my aviators on my head. We decided we'd go somewhere we can meet fans. We went to Forever 21 first. After 30 minutes of photos with fans, we picked out a couple clothes. Perrie chose a couple frayed faded shorts and graphic printed sweaters and t-shirts and a pair of ballet flats. Dani chose a lace dress, a infinity scarf a mickey mouse sweater and denim shorts. I picked out a blazer, a pair of sunglasses, a moustache sweater, a hello kitty sweater, distressed shorts and a lace dress. We went to Abercrombie, American Eagle and Brandy Melville. I got some dresses, shorts, jeans, sweaters, tops and cute rings necklaces and hair bows. I bought a couple candles from Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works for the hotel room Louis and I will share and matching body sprays. After finally finding our final outfits-Dani's being a mint green dress with bow accent cut outs at the back and mint green strap heels. Perrie got a dusty pink and white skirt and a black top that made it look like a dress and white pumps. I got a pale sky blue dress, misty grey/gray heels, a sky blue essie nail polish, pale blue and grey arm candy to match my silver michael kors watch a simple, small grey crossbody with a thin strap and a long grey necklace. We finished off with a stop at the yoghurberry for some froyo and headed outside the mall.
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