Fearing the Future

One Direction were just a normal band with a normal life. They thought nothing was going to happen. Until, one day, they discovered something, something to make them fear every single step they took...


16. Reunited

Okay I never write like this so it will be weird and awkward. So yeah. It was already awkward to write the flashback a chapter ago. Its just not me. Well enjoy this last chapter of this very unproductive and short movella. Yeah. I might make a movella thats my point of view as Gabriella cause I'm like obsessed with their love. It just ugh I want love like that. Too bad I sound like a croaking duck and my crush is like so similar to Troy and I'm a total nerd like Gabriella. K I need to stop rambling about my boring and uninteresting life. K this is really awkward and I'm only typing this from a guideline of Jorgie's Untamed series which I love. I just can't write like that. Heres the last chapter. Adios.






Mel's POV. 


I gave in and went with James to shop around a bit.. I had to agree, I still had feelings for him. I mean he was pretty much perfect. I guess we're kind of just starting from when we left off I guess. As you can guess he wanted me to go to Victoria's Secret. OMG well I had to give in. 

"I like you in red," he winked and walked off. I chose a lace red underwear set with a red push up. I liked this one cause now it has a hidden clasp. Its going to be so funny so see what he thinks. I am ready. I loved James. Its just my love has slowly faded off but its still there. I also bought a red slip with lace triming that lets my set peek out. I also chose a body mist in my favourite floral blossom fragrance and bought an easy spray bottle. I emptied it into there. The lady helping me re-measure me complimented me on breasts like what? Anyway. I met up with him and went to his house. We got dressed, him in his bathroom and me in his room. I took the chance the spray the room. He came out and OMG he looked just like the hottie I fell in love with a couple years ago. He kissed me gently on the lips. 

"So, you ready?" 

"I'm readier than I'll ever be. I'm just kind of scared."

"Don't worry baby. Just tell me and we can stop okay?" I nodded. I missed him calling me baby. It was the sweetest  endearment that could ever come from his lips. We lay down and he kissed me slowly, going ever so gently. It was obvious he wanted to go slowly, not be like those desperate couples. It deepened, me unresistant. Moving to my neck, then my shoulders. He pulled my straps of my slip off my shoulders and moved down. His lips brushed my breasts as he searched for the clasp. I giggled as he spent a while looking for it then finally finding a lace clasp at the front disguised. It fell off, as he searched the unsearched. Going lower and lower. Teasing me. 

"Are you sure?" He asked, beneath my slip. I nodded, waiting for the pain. I felt a different feeling. I felt full, a whole, now I had nothing left to lose. He went gently and kissed me down my neck as he went. It wasn't intense or desperate. It was perfect. I didn't expect anything big to happen. Afterward, I felt a bit sore and there was a bit of blood. 

"I'm really sorry," he apologized.

"Don't worry, I'm full now." I smiled as he gently kissed me. I was complete


Harry's POV


I told the boys everything, even giving Zayn his hair ruffle which he immediately chased me down for. We weren't disturbed any more in any of the above way. Everything was perfect except for the fact Mel wasn't my girlfriend anymore. We still hung out often as a big group with Dani, El, Perrie and everyone. Dani and El really missed Mel but they kept whispering and apparently there might be a new member of the girlfriend club. Huh? Did little Nialler fall in love? Well thats another story It ended perfectly unlike everything else in life. 

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