Fearing the Future

One Direction were just a normal band with a normal life. They thought nothing was going to happen. Until, one day, they discovered something, something to make them fear every single step they took...


14. Piecing together the Puzzle (Sorry for taking ages!)

Okay. Lesson learnt. Never type up a huge chapter for 30 minutes and let it get deleted. K. Btw I'm going to end this soon cause I feel as if its going nowhere but I'm going to start a new movella. Kind of ideas from all sort of my favourite movellas. 


Mel's POV. 


I heard everything. These cruel little things. I honestly hope they don't think It leads to me. I had ended quite a few bad relationships and also because I'm new to the girlfriend group. I'm really puzzled. I thought back to all my old boyfriends. Then I thought... and thought. Crap no. I seriously hope its not him.



It was a couple years ago. I had a really hot boyfriend, Tall. Perfect skin. Perfect features, Perfect mouth, jawline, nose, everything about him screamed I am perfect. Why he chose me? It was at a party and I was wearing probably the sluttiest dress I every saw and will never ever wear again. Then one day he asked me to come to the shops with him. He went somewhere else and told me to get some things. I picked up what meant. Victoria's Secret. I got a body wash, lotion, some makeup and a hoodie. Then I went out of my comfort zone and picked up a red push up set and pajamas slip. I mean, he wouldn't see it would he? I wouldn't let him, and underwear is a necessity. We have our 'dorm' rooms. Well they're not really dorm rooms. They're like our own rooms with a bathroom. Soundproof walls all of them. I thought they were useful so I could blast my music and not annoy my cranky neighbour who plays the violin, cello, viola, piano, trombone, flute, oboe and the bassoon and practises non-stop classical music. So when he told me to go to his room at six, I thought he meant hang out. I washed with my new body wash, matching lotion and body butter. I put on the red push up and pajama slip and an oversized Victoria's Secret hoodie that went mid thigh. Its what I wore to bed. I shuffled casually to his room, my long hair down and in my fuzzy socks. I arrived and there were rose petals everywhere. He e merged from the bathroom, his hair wet from a shower and his shirt slightly open. We lay on his bed, sharing gummi bears inbetween kissing. Then once I was cuddled in his arms, he ate his half but didn't let his lips go. I went with him, kissing him back, cuddling him back. It got more intense into french kissing, then it got to hot so I took my hoodie off, forgetting what I had on underneath. The gummi bears fell to the floor into the rose petals, His shirt came off, then his pants and it was boxers and me in my slip. His lips left my mouth, going to my neck. Then my collar, moving slowly to below my shoulders. The slip was pulled off with his mouth and flung to the side. I could feel his manhood forming underneath me. His arms worked to my cleavage, down my stomach, leaving my bra on. He stayed at my stomach, seeing I enjoyed it. As he got to my thighs, It took my willpower to pull away. He didn't acknowledge it as if I pulled away in pleasure. Since it wasn't that bad, I let him lead back up to my stomach then back to my neck. His hands found the clasp which came undone. Then I pulled away. 

"No, sorry James, I can't do this," i said as I buckled my bra back up.

"No, you can do this." He leant towards me.

"No I can't!  I pulled away earlier but you didn't acknowledge it! I've already lost my innocence with this, I'm not ready." 

"Well when will you? Its been 10 months!"

"Well I'm not the kind of girl who goes for one night stands like others."

"But you got me ready. I'm ready, Just when will you be?"

"I don't know. Just not now. I'm not ready to give it. Or ready to lose it."

"So are you saying you don't want to do it but you're fine with this stuff?"

"I don't know. So what happens if I keep guard my bottom half but not my top half? One thing will lead to another. I don't have enough willpower. I just don't want it. I'm sure you've had rainbows and everything. Just not me."

"Really> You think that? If we were to do it its my first. Yes, I get that I come off like that but its not me. I love you Mel. Its just, I'm tired of waiting."

"Then maybe I'm not the girl for you."

"Really? i just said I love you and you acknowledge it by saying we should break up? Who are you?" I hear the anger rising in his voice. 

"Well then, goodbye James." As I walked out the door, he called out to me.

"Mel. I will wait for you. And i will do whatever it takes to have you back."


*End of flashback*


Really? He could be a suspect since I've probably been featured in magazines, newspapers, websites. After all I am with Harry Styles. What does this mean? URGH IM SO CONFUSED!

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