Fearing the Future

One Direction were just a normal band with a normal life. They thought nothing was going to happen. Until, one day, they discovered something, something to make them fear every single step they took...


5. Pet Store Trip

AN: I know earlier I kinda made a mistanke. Zayn is actually with Perrie. Sorry If I confuse any of you!

Zayn's POV.

Perrie and I had been together for quite a while now so we decided to buy a pet. She wanted a puppy so she could take it for walks every day and get exercise in her spare time when she's not recording with LM. She told me since Jade had some issues lately, their recording schedule has been a little lighter so she has more spare time for at least a year. She also said because she recently went to America and got addicted to the candy, cereals and snacks there. Orders them in bulk online and eats them. A lot. So she says she wants to be able to eat them and stay skinny so a puppy is the perfect solution!

We walked into a pet store with lots and lots of puppies. I knew I always wanted a labrador but Perrie wanted a small puppy. Since she'll be looking after him/her the most, she got the majority of the pick. I grew a liking to the toy poodles. Perrie really liked three puppies in particular- a small, golden brown spoodle with curly fur, a light brown, poofy toy poodle that looked exactly like a teddy bear and a white, furry, fluffy toy pomeranian. She couldn't decide. We went to talk privately away from the store owners. I put my arms around her waist.
"Would three be too much babe?" I asked her in a corner of the store.
"Yeah three would be too many but I don't mind two. That way they could have buddies to hang out with."
We found out the pomeranian is 15 months old. It is a she named Chubbi and doesn't grown that big. She requires to be brushed often.
The poodle is 7 months old and is a boy and is named Domo. (I love domo don't judge. Fyi domo is an asian brown monster like character who is extremely cute to me. And I'm kinda obsessed with BubzBeauty's dogs...)
The spoodle is a boy and is named Charlie and is 5 months old.

"Which two get along the best?" Perrie asked Carrie, a friendly young girl with brown hair in a ponytail and medium complexion. Her face was very simple and fresh looking. Carrie and Perrie looked very different. She was apparently the girl who takes care of all the smaller sized puppies.
"They all get along very well but sometimes Chubbi and Charlie tend to disagree a bit. But other than that they are friends. Domo seems to shadow Chubbi a lot and is a bit shy. When we walk them Chubbi and Domo always stick together when Charlie tends to be a bit adventurous or rebellious." Perrie turned and smiled at me.
"I think Chubbi, Domo, Zayn and I are going to be one big happy, hyper family." Carrie smiled brightly. "Okay then!"

We left with Domo and Chubbi happily trotting side by side in front of us on leashes. We also stopped by at Pet Line to get a food and water dispenser, cute collars (Domo got a little tie like one!) and some food, snacks, toys, dental care snacks, healthcare, shampoo and conditioner, doggy bags and a pottyboard for Perrie's apartment. Perrie was smiling brightly as Chubbi jumped on to her lap in the car.
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