Fearing the Future

One Direction were just a normal band with a normal life. They thought nothing was going to happen. Until, one day, they discovered something, something to make them fear every single step they took...


8. Elounor's Valentine's Day

AN: I typed 5 versions of this up before Safari AN: I typed 5 versions of this up before Safari crashed, got deleted, Movellas froze or it needed to be refreshed. I would've had it up two days ago but because of the events, It is only up now. Also it used to be much more descriptive so its more vague. Sorry guys! -Jess

El's POV

I woke up early at 6am to go for a jog. 30 minutes later I returned with milk. I ran a warm bath. I soaked rose petals inside and put a rose scented bath bomb, rose bath crystals and rose bubble bath. I placed a sheet mask over my face and climbed in. I shampooed my hair then applied a deep conditioner. I tied my hair in a neat bun and lay back. I relaxed for a good 45 minutes. I got out and i felt refreshed. My muscles a weren't sore anymore and I smelt like roses. I felt beautiful, and I had a great look at life now. Relaxing baths always did that to me. I dressed differently to my chosen outfit. I wore light wash skinny jeans, comfy, cream ballet flats and a chunky, knitted cream wide neck sweater with a white tank top underneath. I did my makeup. Concealer, mascara, eyeliner and a rosy red tinted lip balm. I brushed my hair out as it was slightly damp. I rubbed in a rose detangler in my hair. I walked to my kitchen and pressed a starbucks white peppermint mocha capsule into my capsule coffee machine. I drank the frothy, delicious coffee and a raisin toast. I calmly ate it in small bites. Once I was finished, I grabbed my small, rectangular tan cross body with a thin strap. It was simple with no extra details. It had a magnetic clasp. Inside I placed my phone, lip balm, keys, ID + drivers licence ouch, credit card, cash and important cards pouch, hand sanitizer, tissues, sunglasses and a hair tie in case.

I met Louis at his house and he drove me to guess where? THE VALENTINES DAY FAIR! Show bags, churros, games and ferris wheel! He bought me a couple show bags including a potato showbag for Niall (it had 7 types of different potatoes plus seeds to grow them! And a discount to buy online potatoes). We ate food, went on rides and played every single game. Louis is a master at the balloon dart pop game and won a giant fluffy bear with a heart saying I LOVE YOU. It was one of the really soft, pillow like ones. Its RRP on the tag was 75 quid! He then took me on the ferris wheel and made sure we got a pale pink carriage (my favourite colour!) It had clear, polished windows and swayed gently. It had a candle burning in the corner which was bath and body works sweet pea, my favourite main scent. The seats were plush and it had a wonderful area. I sat with my legs dangling over his as we watched the sunset together. It was just amazing. He kisses my slowly and romantically. You could see some of the other carriages; couples making out, their carriages swaying much more violently than they should, but not enough to fall off. We cuddled, sharing the occasional kiss. We were taking our relationship slower than the normal american couple with no religious morals. We were both still innocent and I liked it that way. The ferris wheel got stuck while we were at the top so we just sat there, me cuddling against my boo bear leaning against my fluffy bear. We watched the rest of the sunset, enjoying the moment. Distant fireworks started to go off. There was different initials appearing in hearts, requested by people there. Suddenly a big one came up with LT + EC. "Don't worry I didn't request that, but we can make it as if I did..." We watched the beautiful heart fireworks go up. After they'd finished, the ferris wheel started to move. We collected our stuff as we got to the bottom and headed home. Best Valentine's Day Ever! At home I was greeted with pink and silver hershey kisses in a heart shape on my bed with LWT + EJC in the middle. A note above said, "The one in the sky may not be for us, but this one's definitely for you. Love you Baby. <3" I instantly got a text message from Louis saying 'Miss you already Baby and its been 10 minutes'. 'Miss you too. Love you so much. <3 xxx' I replied. I took a picture before packing it away to eat later and lie in my bed. I checked twitter and Instagram. I had a notification from each of the boys saying they organised the heart. Zerrie went to the beach, Payzer went to the swimming pool and Harry and Melissa just stayed at Harry's place. I would've too because they only met a few months ago. Niall apparently spent time with the fans on twitter. Zerrie and Payzer were tweeting each other with Niall. Niall came with Payzer because Dani didn't want him to be alone. According to twiiter, they had the best time. I started the cheesy twitter war with Perrie, Dani, Zayn, Louis and Liam. We tweeted for an hour and a half before tweeting, 'Goodnight loves. Happy Valentines and Single Awareness Day! xxx El'. I shut my laptop down and went to sleep.
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