Fearing the Future

One Direction were just a normal band with a normal life. They thought nothing was going to happen. Until, one day, they discovered something, something to make them fear every single step they took...


3. Concert Warming

Zayn's POV.

I was getting my mics ready while Liam and Harry were getting their makeup done, Louis was frantically searching for Kevin for the concert and Niall was having a quick snack before the concert. Quentin was fiddling with my wires when suddenly? The lights went out. A spark ignited onstage and steam started coming out from it. A big wave of screams and squeals erupted the arena; probably thinking that we were going to rise up from a hole in the stage or something. But I sensed something was up. A piece of paper fluttered down. Just as it landed at my feet, the electricity came back on. There were a couple moans coming from the arena. I picked up the note and read it. What it said startled me.

Aww, ruined your dramatic entrance did I?
Well look out. One of you will loose some
Thing close to you. Don't show this to any
Of your friends or he will loose one more thing.

'What should I do?' I thought to myself and Quentin frantically fiddled with the wires to start my mic up again from the power outtage.

What will we do now?
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