Fearing the Future

One Direction were just a normal band with a normal life. They thought nothing was going to happen. Until, one day, they discovered something, something to make them fear every single step they took...


11. Childhood Misery and Flashbacks

Authors note: The flashback might offend some people. Under 12s don't read the flashback!

Eleanor's POV.

We were taking a break from the bus as we walked along the streets. I was holding hands with Louis. My ankles started to hurt a tiny big since I was wearing heels and the floor was really rough. "You look beautiful in that outfit," Louis said. I was wearing cream heels, a light pink coral skater skirt and a loose cream tank top. Suddenly, I bumped into this blonde girl. I tripped and fell on the floor. Louis helped me up. The girl had blonde hair, a fair complexion and a caked face. I didn't recognise her. She was wearing a pink miniskirt that showed a bit of her butt, a pink sleeveless 'top' that was so cut off it mind as well be a bandeau and she seriously made a point of showing her cleavage off.
"Watch where you're going you byotch!" She exclaimed at me. Her blue eyes turned into frosty slits.
"Eleanor Calder, the laughing stock of Easton High. The only virgin. The only one who had a boyfriend who hadn't done it. How stupid you were." I felt a flashback coming.

It was Rachael's Birthday and every single person was invited. Rachael was a well liked girl who was one of my friends. I was wearing a sky blue skater skirt, white wedges and a white tank top tucked in. Annabelle and her loyal followers Tatia and Leslie were the life ruiners of Easton High. They intimidated most by their history and their daringness. They were all wearing matching bikinis-skimpy small tops with thin strings and a small bottom that showed their butt cheeks off. Rachael had a giant pool but nobody had gone in it. A couple people had dangled their legs in it but only guys had gone in for dares. Annabelle had her 'boyfriend' following her Rick. He was the star jock and had his shirt off and loose pants. I was eating a strawberry and wishing Rachael a happy birthday as she walked over.
"Eleanor," she half hissed. "Wheres your boyfriend? Your definition of a boyfriend must mean a friend thats a boy!"
"Let me tell you something Annabelle. Putting me down won't make you any higher. Calling me ugly won't make you any prettier. Most of all, trying to tell me definitions of words won't make you any smarter than you actually are. Just because I'm different and believe in different things that there is to life other than making out, PDAs and boyfriends doesn't make me a freak. I will do what I want when I'm ready and I will never succumb to your stupid, egotistical ways of peer pressure!"
She was silent.
"Let me show you what a real boyfriend is you little virgin." She grabbed Rick, kissing him with force. She pressed him on a pole as they were tightly embraced. They stumbled inti the half shallow edge of the pool as everyone gathered around to watch. The stuff she did was normal for her as she'd done stuff like this in public. She rammed themselves together, making out. People started to disperse as it was getting boring and disgusting. Suddenly, she yelled out, "LETS PLAY 7 minutes in heaven! But everyone watches the people in heaven!" She got out, grabbed Rick and pushed me through the crowd.
"Rick and I bags going first!" There was only four couples who didn't really watch at all and a couple of guys who just wanted to see Annabelle. She flung off her not much clothes, pulled Rick's off and rammed herself at him, smashing her chest in his face. They moved and it was disgusting. Leslie and Tatia forced my eyes open to watch. The game didn't last long cause it got boring as the other couples never got a turn. Finally, I punched Leslie and Tatia and ran the way home. Nightmares of my life growing up.

"El? El? Eleanor?" Louis half yelled at me. "What?" "I thought you'd half fainted or something. That girl, she tried to go all fangirl and tried stuff with me but I told her off and when she didn't stop I punched her. She walked away and randomly smashed mer chest in this guy who I'm assuming his her boyfriend's face. So yeah. You wanna stop off at Mc Donalds and get a mc flurry and some frozen drinks for the lads before we get on? Niall would've certainly bought Nandos or something.
"Uhm, sure," I replied unconvincingly.
"You okay?"
"Uh, yeah sure." At least he didn't bother me and left it there. Thats what I liked about Louis. He respects my space and doesn't question me a lot and force answers out of me. We boughts the drinks and mcflurrys and walked back to the bus.

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