Back For You

World wide pop sensation One Direction goes their separate ways for good... or do they?


3. You again

Harry's POV

My head shot up.Only one person had ever called me Haz before. It couldn't be. But sure enough, it was.

"Boobear?" I said, almost inaudibly, but sure enough, he heard me, loud and clear.

We went running towards each other, almost in slow motion. I jumped on his torso, tackling him in a bear hug. Tears filled my eyes, and I cried into his shoulder. But then I realized he was too. My wife, Sophia, looked so surprised to see him, she had known him as well. And then, El walked in, looking beautiful as ever.

"EL!!"  I screamed, tears still streaming down my face. 

"OH MY GOD HARRY!" she yelled, jumping into my arms.

My son, William, and his girlfriend Evie, looked ever so confused. Then a wave of realization hit me. My Son, and Louis' daughter, were a couple.

*A/N* shot chapterr, ik, ik. but still, i really like it,.

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