Back For You

World wide pop sensation One Direction goes their separate ways for good... or do they?


7. Most famous boy band that ever lived.

A/N sorry i havent updated in a while. :/


Evie's POV

*in her room*

I pick up my phone and click on the contact labeled as "Uncle Simon". Maybe he'll know whats going on.


"Hello?" he said when he picked up

"Hey Uncle Simon!"

"Evie! How is everything?" he asked.

"Weird. VERY weird. That's why I'm calling actually."

"How so?"

"Well, today I decided to have a bunch of my friends come over along with their parents, because none of their parents have ever met mom and dad. But when all my friends parents came in, all the adults started freaking out and crying."

"That's odd. Do you know any of the parents last names?" he asked.

"yeah. Payne, Styles, Higgins, Malik, And Horan. Why?" I asked.

"Go and look up "One Direction" and look at pictures of the members." he said.

So I got out my laptop and googled "one direction". Then, tons of pictures of my dad and all those adults showed up and I mean TONS. Along with hundreds of articles on this world famous boyband that I never even had a clue about came up. So my dad was famous? WHY DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS????

"My dad was famous?" I asked

"Part of the most famous boyband that ever lived. Your dad and his mates had MILLIONS of screaming fans all around the world. Evie, your father is a legend."

"Um... I have to go. I'll call you later." I said and then hung up.

"DAD!!!!!!!!!" I screamed as I ran downstairs. i was absolutely fuming that I didn't know about this. Shit was about to go down.

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