Back For You

World wide pop sensation One Direction goes their separate ways for good... or do they?


6. Care to explain?

*A/N* sorry i haven't updated guys . ON WITH DE STOREHH.

Molleigh's POV

What is happening right now? All of our parents are crying and hugging... do they  know each other or are they just over emotional about meeting fellow old people? Am I missing something? I was Just about to say something when Bobby yells

 "Ummm..... I'm gonna go now." Evie says, as she goes up to her room to call someone

"What the fu*k are you guys doing?" he says confusedly (is that even a word? idk it is now)

"LANGUAGE!" His father, Niall, yells.

"Eh." replies Bobby.

."Would you care to explain the sudden outburst of emotion?" I ask politely. There ya' go Molleigh, way to sound like a smartass. 

"Well, have you ever heard of 'One Direction'" my dad asks me.

"Ummm... I think so...? Aren't they that gay boy band from about 20 years ago?" I ask/answer.

Apparently what i said must be hilarious in adult world, because all the adults started laughing like hyenas.

"What does some 2010 band of a bunch of gay teenagers have to do with anything, dad?" I ask.

"Well the of, Harry, Liam, Zayn , Niall and I, are One Direction" He states matter-of-factly. 

"But I thought those guys were all gay, and had frivolous activities at night together!" Kristyn says, quite loudly.

All of the teenagers (including me) nod our heads in agreement.

" Dear god no! All though, Harry did tend to walk around naked a lot..." My dad says. 

Everyone starts laughing, and the one who I can assume is Harry, blushes.

"He still just walks around in his underwear... and I've found some of those man thongs in -" William starts to say but gets cut off by yelling,

"LA LA LA LA LA LA!!!!!!" Harry shouts, which makes everyone laugh hysterically.

" Wait, then what does Mr. Higgins have to do with all of this?" I ask. I'm always so proper.

"He was our bodyguard and tour manager" Her dad tells her.

"Oh the days of tour! Those were the days!" Mr Malik states.



*A/N* woah there... long chapter.


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