Back For You

World wide pop sensation One Direction goes their separate ways for good... or do they?


2. 18 years later

Louis' POV

Its been 18 years since I left One Direction. And i must say, my life is better than I'd expected. Elanor and I are happily married, with our beautiful 17 year old daughter, Evangeline Johannah (after my mother) Tomlinson. Today, we're meeting her boyfriend, and his parents, oh joy of joys. (note the sarcasm) I was pulled out of my thoughts as i heard the doorbell ring. They're here, here we go. Evie walked in with her boy friend and his parents, her boyfriend seemed nice, but my jaw fell onto the floor when I saw his dad. I didn't even have to ask his name, and I saw him before he saw me. his curly hair unmistakable. Tears filled my eyes as I stuttered out,



*a/n short and sucky chapter, i know but dont worry, IT WILL GET BETTER I TELL YOU.

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