wish i never got involved

why? why did god pick me. I wish i never met them. I had to be stupid and fall in love with him. I thought he loved me but now i don't even know what love is anymore is it just a word someone says now? i put my whole life in his hands. :(


4. the job

  "shes gonna be perfect" 

   i woke up and just pretended that i was sleeping. perfect for what. alot of things were going in my head. i remeber seeing my dad get shot.it was horrible. i started to cry a little. i fell back asleep not hearing the rest of there convo 

bri's dream

"please dont hurt him please i'll do anything i promise" 

"we dont want anything we dont want any witnesses either"

i started to cry "please i beg of you, daddy i love you" the person was holding a gun up to his head.

"i love you to bri" i went over to him and gave him one last hug then they shot him. i woke up and screamed. i felt people grabing me telling me to calm down and it was only a dream i guess i was half asleep because i was yelling no leave me alone please. i started kicking and and screaming even more. "please leave me alone" i stoped and started balling my eyes out. i was in someones lap i could feel it. i opened my eyes and seen the irish boy. "please what do you want from me"

" well see everyone thinks your dead along with your father so you can't  really leave."

" are you one"

"am i what"

"are you a human or a vampire"

"well im both" 

i started tto get scared

" prove it" i gulped 

"ok" he started kissing my neck. he got to my soft spot and i started to moan and groan. then he bit me.

"please stop"

"its fine"

"its time" the other guy that bit me said


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