wish i never got involved

why? why did god pick me. I wish i never met them. I had to be stupid and fall in love with him. I thought he loved me but now i don't even know what love is anymore is it just a word someone says now? i put my whole life in his hands. :(


1. the day it started

      "hey Bri are you going to go to the cafe later" 

      " nah have to much stuff to do"

      " like what, you always do this to me" 

      " i have to study do homework and i promised my dad i would go to his work today. 

      " whatever just don't talk to me"

      " are you really gonna be this way Hannah?"

     " yea i am  just leave me alone" 

     " whatever im done"

     " whatever"    

       i was walking home mad. i stopped at a park and sat on a bench to calm down. There i did my homework and studied. i got done and started walking home. i noticed a black car that has been following me for 15 min now. i was getting kinda scared.  i got home and went to my dad i didn't bother to tell him about the car.

      "hey Bri"

      " hi dad are we leaving now " 

      " yea just let me get the jewelry i ordered for the store"

      "okay ill be in the car"


     20 min later we got there. i noticed the car that was following me home it was parked outside the shop. i really got scared. i just ignored it. 10 min later 5 people with ski masks started to get out of the car. they looked around and made sure no one was around it was really dark though. they came in with guns and told us to get to the ground i hid behind the counter. my dad was looking over to me motioning me to go through the back exit. i started to go when i felt a hand grab my arm. i started crying.  a person took the tapes out of the security cameras.  

  " what do you want from us please just leave us alone." 

  " shut up"

  " excuse me. nobody tells me to shut up" i wish i didn't say that it just slipped out. 

   " what did you say" the person was holding a gun to my fathers head

  " please don't i'm sorry" 

  " bri just sit down" i heard my father say.

   i was going to sit when i herd a gun fire. i looked and my dad was bleeding out. 

   " please. why. i was just sitting i'm sorry"

  " shut up or your next" i passed out i don't know why i did but i did. i woke up in the middle of the night and found i was in a van i started crying again and i fell asleep.

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