wish i never got involved

why? why did god pick me. I wish i never met them. I had to be stupid and fall in love with him. I thought he loved me but now i don't even know what love is anymore is it just a word someone says now? i put my whole life in his hands. :(


2. ahh there vampires


i woke up the next morning and found myself in a basement.i hurd people arguing but about what. i tried listing but a fan was blocking my hearing. all i could hear was an irish accent asking why his friends did this. i wonder how many there were of the robbers. i started to hear footsteps come down the stairs. oh and did i mention i was hanging on a rope with my arms tied. i was defensless. the irsh boy came down. he had blonde hair and i have to admit he was cute. 

 "im sorry for all the trouble" the irish boy said

 "well can i go home" then i remebered my dad was dead and i didnt have anyone else.

"im sorry but the others would literally kill me"  i was now starting to cry.

 "shh hey dont cry i promise ill protect you"how could i trust him  he was a part of this to. if he really wanted to protect me he would let me go. next thing i knew he cutt the rope so i could move. i ran up the basement stairs and it led me into the kitchen were i found myself in front of the robbers. i ran as fast as i could to the front door and ran outside. wow they lived in the country real nice. so now if they caught me there wouldn't be any witnesses. 


 i seen the girl run out of the basement and out the door. i started laughing she thought she could outrun us were vampires sweety think again. 

"ill get her" i said and with that i ran after her. i caught up to her and grabbed her. i could hear her blood rush through her body. 


  i felt something grab my arm  looked and it was one of the boys he had a strip shirt on with suspenders and red jeans. he knocked me to the ground and i screamed. he dug his teeth into my neck and started drinking my blood? wait vampires dont exsist. do they? i got really scared. i started to pass out. i was getting really dizzy. why was he doing this. i blacked out but i could still hear people talking. i guess he carried me back inside.  


seeing lou walk in with the girl made me mad there was blood all over and it made me hungry but i wasn't going to eat her 

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