Summer Vacation

Ashley just found out that her dad is the new manager for the band One Direction! While going away off to college soon she wants to spend a lot of time with her dad, now that her mom just passed away. Not only does Ashley have a great summer but she ends up finally finding her true love.


8. Chapter 8


Ashley's P.O.V


               "YOU KNOW WHAT ZAYN! I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF YOU BEING JEALOUS! GET OVER IT! I LIKE HARRY NOT YOU! SO IT REALLY WASN'T NICE OF YOU TO SLAP HIM. IT'S NOT HARRY'S FAULT. AND I WOULDN'T DATE YOU ANYWAYS. YOU'RE A JERK! AND YOU WONDER WHY I RAN AWAY FROM YOU WHEN YOU KISSED ME AT THE BEACH!" I  looked at Zayn. I was so angry I cannot believe he slapped Harry! I helped Harry up and walked him upstairs. Niall and Vanessa had just walked in laughing. Though they stopped when they saw everyone else's face. I left Zayn standing there looking hurt. He deserved it! He shouldn't have slapped Harry. 

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