Summer Vacation

Ashley just found out that her dad is the new manager for the band One Direction! While going away off to college soon she wants to spend a lot of time with her dad, now that her mom just passed away. Not only does Ashley have a great summer but she ends up finally finding her true love.


7. Chapter 7


Ashley's P.O.V 


               The boys were all standing at the bottom of the stairs. I guess waiting for us. "Oh my gosh! You guys look incredible!" Niall shouted as soon as he saw us he grabbed Vanessa and screamed "YOUR MINE!" I laughed and looked at the other guys. I couldn't help but continue to laugh. They all had eyes on me. Their mouths were open. I laughed agian. They were speechless. "Hello?" i said to grab their attention. They seemed to get out of their trance. "Yeah we're here. It's just you look phenomenal!" "Aaaawww thank you guys!" I gave Louis a hug first then Harry. "You ready to go?" Harry asked me. "Yeah." Niall and Vanessa had just left. "Bye Guys see you later!" I called to the other guys. "Bye Ashley!" I got into Harry's black audi R8 convertible. "So where are we going?" I asked "It's a surprise!" He said smiling. "Oh come on Harry! Where are we going!" i whined. "Oh stop your whining! Be patient." he said smiling at me. "Ugh!" Harry laughed at me. He continued to drive. I turned the radio on, I stopped when i heard the song Kiss You! "Omg! I love this song!" Harry laughed at me. i started singing and soon he joined me. As the song finished, Harry yelled "We're here!" "OMG! Harry you brought me to the Carnival!" I said laughing. "Yeah! Why you don't like carnivals?" "Yes, I love carnivals! just you could've warned me to dress into more comfortable clothes!" I said looking at me. "Oh don't worry, you'll be fine in what your wearing" Harry said laughing. "Whatever." We got out of the car and walked through the gates. "So what do you wanna do first?" he asked. "Ummm let's go on the Ferris Wheel!" I shouted. "Okay!" he agreed. We ran to ticket booth for the Ferris Wheel. "Two tickets for the Ferris Wheel." Harry asked. "I can pay" I said to Harry as I started to take out my wallet. "No, I'm taking you on a date. I pay!" he argued. "Okay fine! You can pay." I said giving up. We walked to the Ferris Wheel and got into one of the carts. Harry squeezed my hand. I looked at him, "You ready!" Harry said. "Yep!" The Ferris Wheel started slow, but seemed to get faster as the ride went round, and round. stopped at the top. The speaker phones went on. "SORRY TO EVERYONE! WE ARE RECEIVING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES! WE'RE WORKING ON THE PROBLEM IMMEDIATELY! JUST STAY CALM!" I looked at Harry. We were all the way at the top. "WOW! Can you believe our luck! We're all the way at the top. "Well as long as we're up here we might as well talk to each other." Harry said. "Ok, about what?" I said looking back at him. "Ummm what's your favorite color?" He asked. "Purple and Blue". I answered. "Okay my turn to ask you something. mmm.....why do you like me? I asked with a sly grin. Harry laughed and answered. "You're beautiful, nice, caring, smart, and I heard from your dad that you like sports." I smiled at him. "Aaaww Harry, you're so sweet." He smiled his cheeky little smile. "Okay now its my turn." Harry said still smiling. "Okay ask me anything you want!" i said smiled. "How many guys have you dated?" I could feel my smile drop. "umm except that question." I said. "Why! I won't be mad I promise!" Harry said. I looked into his perfect green eyes, and said "I'm sorry Harry I'm not ready to answer that question just yet. I'll tell you that another time." He looked at me and kissed me on the lips. The Ferris Wheel had started working again, and everyone was getting off. "Hey take my hand" Harry said looking at me. i took his hand and we ran to the basketball booth. Harry paid the man for a ticket. DING DING DING! "WE HAVE A WINNER!" the booth guy yelled. Harry pointed at the giant teddy bear that squirted water out of its mouth when you squeezed the middle. "Aaaww thank you Harry! So your not mad at me for not telling you!?" "No! How can I be mad at you!" I gave him a hug. The teddy bear was taller than me. He bought me cotton candy, and a strawberry milkshake. I shared the cotton candy with him. He also bought me a t-shirt that said his, and one for him that said hers. i smiled and put it on on top my dress. We ran around like little kids, until we were out of breath. I looked at my phone. It was 7:56 pm. We were here for over an hour. We played a few arcade games, and went on more rides. We got back to the car at around 9:00 pm. He raced me to the car. "Hey, the only reason you won was because I was wearing heels." If you must know, I did track when I was younger." I said to Harry as we reached the car. "Yeah, Yeah I won fair and square and you know it." Harry said to me. "Okay whatever!" I replied. As soon as we got home we found the boys, sleeping on the couch. I guess they had been waiting for us to come back. I could tell Niall and Vanessa were not back yet, or they would be awake. Harry looked at me and told me to be quiet. i nodded. We put our stuff down, and Harry ran into the kitchen for a second. He cam back with a spoon. "A spoon, why do you have a spoon?" I whispered. "Just watch" he whispered back to me. He ran over to Liam and held the spoon in front of his face. "Okay now wake him up." Harry whispered to me. I shook Liam awake. He rubbed his eyes,and as soon as he saw the spoon he gave a loud shriek! "Harry! Get that thing away from me!" He yelled. The others were now awake. They looked confused until they saw the spoon near Liam! Liam got up from the couch and ran away from Harry. Harry chased him around the room. Everyone was laughing so hard. "Liam! You're afraid of spoons!" I shouted. I laughed so hard i whispered to Louis to come with me to the kitchen to get more spoons. He nodded and ran with me to the kitchen. the kitchen was huge! Louis and I both grabbed two spoons and ran to Liam. He was still running around the room. Louis and I got closer to Liam. He screamed even louder. I couldn't stop laughing. He was now one the floor shrieking like a little girl. I stopped scaring him mostly because I couldn't even breath. We all calmed down, and I looked at Liam on the floor. "Why are you so afraid of spoons?" I said. "They just creep me out!" Liam shouted bak at me. Liam slapped Harry's arm. "Why did you have to do that in front of her!" "Oh it's okay Liam! I'm sorry we scared you." I gave him a hug. We all stopped laughing. Zayn was looking at me weird. Well not really me, he was looking at Harry and I' s shirts. I frowned. Zayn was jealous. He looked at Harry and he shouted "YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO RUIN EVERYTHING FOR ME DON'T YOU!" Zayn went up to Harry standing next to me and slapped him in his face, hard. That's when I lost my temper.

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