Summer Vacation

Ashley just found out that her dad is the new manager for the band One Direction! While going away off to college soon she wants to spend a lot of time with her dad, now that her mom just passed away. Not only does Ashley have a great summer but she ends up finally finding her true love.


6. Chapter 6


Ashley's P.O.V


               "Hey Babe!" I turned around and saw Harry. "Hi cupcake!" I said back smiling. He grabbed me by my waist, and pulled me closer to him. We were now like and inch apart. He looked into my eyes, and says "So...I was thinking, we should go on our first date tonight." I smiled, "sure I would love that". He leaned in to kiss me, but never did,because..........."ASHLEY!" I got scared. I looked at Harry and he smiled "Go. I think Vanessa really needs you. I have plenty of time to kiss you later." I laughed and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. I ran to Vanessa's room. "What is it that is so important that you just had to interrupt me and justin." I said smiling. "Ummm....what were you guys doing?" she asked me with a sly smile. "Nothing! Just what did you call me for." I said laughing. "Ummm well Niall asked me out and I brought nothing fancy to wear for the date." "OH SHIT! Harry asked me out too, and I have nothing to wear either!!" I realized. I looked at Vanessa and said, "Okay we need to go shopping NOW!" Vanessa laughed, "No Shit Sherlock!" "Okay grab your stuff let's go!" We have 2 hours to go shopping, and come back and get ready. Let's GO!!!" I yelled. "Okay I'm gonna go tell Niall bye." "ugh! Fine go. I'm gonna go tell Harry bye, but hurry up!" We both ran down the stairs. It made everything much easier because the boys were all sitting on the couch watching TV. Vanessa and I both ran to Niall and Harry, and gave them a kiss on the cheek. "We'll be back we're going to the mall to buy something for later!" "OKAY!" the all called back as we reached the door. 

                  Vanessa and I reached the mall in 10 minutes. We went to this really cute boutique, where we bought these really cute mini dresses, with matching heels, and jewelry to match. Before we ran back to the car, we bought some ice cream! I had Caramel ice cream, and Vanessa had cookies and Cream. We ran back to the car in the parking lot. I drove really fast back to the house. As I got out of the car Vanessa tripped and scrapped herself on the brick stairs. I laughed soo hard! "Oh my god! Vanessa are you okay!" I said still laughing. "Yeah I'm okay, except now when I wear my dress, you'll be able to see where i cut myself." "Oh that sucks! But you have to admit that was really funny!" I said laughing again. We walked in the house laughing. The boys were in the kitchen talking, and of course, Niall was eating! Oh Niall! "YAY!!! My best friend is back!" Louis said running to me as he picked me up. "Hey how about me!?" Vanessa said staring at Louis. I laughed as Niall came to give Vanessa a hug. Louis was still looking at her as if he didn't even know who Vanessa was. I laughed and gave Harry and Liam a hug. I high fived Zayn and ran upstairs to my room with Vanessa. We were gonna get ready together. I was wearing the black mini dress that I bought. It had a dark blue bow in the back of the dress. It had lace on the bottom and top of the dress. It had no straps, and it was so short that it reached mid-thigh. I love this dress! I decided to keep my hair straight. I did my makeup, and Vanessa's too. She thought I did a better job at doing makeup. I put on the black heels I had bought and put on my gold charm bracelet that my dad got me, and the gold necklace that I bought a few weeks ago, it had my name on it. I chose to wear my big gold hoop earrings. I grabbed my black flats just in case my feet start hurting, my wallet, and my iphone. Vanessa and I walked downstairs together. **GASPS!!**






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