Summer Vacation

Ashley just found out that her dad is the new manager for the band One Direction! While going away off to college soon she wants to spend a lot of time with her dad, now that her mom just passed away. Not only does Ashley have a great summer but she ends up finally finding her true love.


5. Chapter 5


Vanessa's P.O.V


               I was a little embarrassed, when Ashley made that joke about Niall and I. I couldn't help but smile and laugh too. I've never cared so much about a boy in my life. I really like Niall. Who am I kidding? I love him! When Ashley and I switched seats, Niall put his arm around me, and hugged me. I hugged him back and laid my head on his shoulder. He laid his head on top of mine too. I blushed so hard. Wait why was I blushing!? We got back to the bus, Louis drove his van, and Liam drove everyone else in the bus to the house. Zayn, decided to go with Louis. He's been really quiet lately. I'lll talk to Ashley later. Niall asked me out on a date, and I said yes. He said it was a surprise. I was so excited for tonight. We got to the house at around 1:30pm. We all rushed inside. The house as humongous! I can't imagine how much it costs. I raced Niall to the kitchen. As always he was hungry so I made him a sandwich. When he finished eating, I was about to go to my room, and take a shower, you know to get out of my wet bathing suit. He grabbed me by my wrist spun me around in his arms, and kissed me. His lips crashed into mine. As soon as he kissed me I felt fireworks! We basically made out for about 2 minutes when I pulled away. "As much as I want to keep kissing you, I have to go take a shower, and take off m y bathing suit." I said whispering in his ear smiling. " Oh ok, I should probably do the same. I know this may seem too early, but I love you Vanessa Grace Daniels" he whispered back in my ear. I smiled, and turned around, to see everyone staring, and smiling at us. "Gosh guys get a room!" Louis said laughing "Go Niall!" Harry said. I stared at all of them. "Stalkers much." I said sarcastically. Everyone laughed. I ran into the room that had my name on it. I had my own bathroom. I got into the shower as quick as I could. When I wen through my whole closet not knowing what to where for my date with Niall later on. Ughh! I didn't pack anything fancy! I needed to go shopping immediately. "ASHLEY!" I yelled. 

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