Summer Vacation

Ashley just found out that her dad is the new manager for the band One Direction! While going away off to college soon she wants to spend a lot of time with her dad, now that her mom just passed away. Not only does Ashley have a great summer but she ends up finally finding her true love.


3. Chapter 3


Ashley's P.O.V


               "Hey you guys wanna watch a movie?" I turned around and saw Louis looking at me. "Yeah sure, what movie should we watch?" I asked. Vanessa had just walked in the living room, all dressed in her pajamas. "DESPICABLE ME!!"  she shouted. "Yeah, we should watch Despicable Me, I love that movie." I said showing my very cheeky smile to Louis. "Despicable Me it is" Liam said with a smirk. Niall came running from the kitchen with bowls of popcorn, chips, and soda. I laughed and took some popcorn. I jumped on the couch and Harry came to sit with me. Vanessa was sitting on the other couch with Niall. They looked so cute together. I think Niall likes her.....a lot! Vanessa and Niall would make such a cute couple. They were perfect for each other. Someone was knocking on the door of the bus. "I'LL GET IT!!!" Louis and Liam said together as they both ran to the door. When they opened it I knew why. Eleanor and Danielle were here. I couldn't help but laugh at them about how excited they both were to see them.  When they came back calmly to the living room. Louis and Liam introduced Danielle and Eleanor to us. "Hi I'm Eleanor" "Hi and I'm Danielle" they said to Vanessa and I. We said hi back and they both went to sit down with Liam and Louis on the floor. They movie had just started and Harry put his arm around me. I smiled and moved closer to him. I liked Harry, but I could tell that Zayn was always a little uncomfortable when Harry was near me. I wonder why he always looked so mad at Harry. Oh well. 

               I woke up lying on Harry's chest. I guess I had fallen asleep on him during the movie. I looked around and saw everyone sleeping. Louis and Eleanor were in one corner on the floor in blankets, and Liam and Danielle in another corner on the floor. Vanessa had fallen asleep on Harry's lap. I looked at Niall's face for a second and laughed. is mouth was open and he had a little piece of popcorn in his mouth. I couldn't believe he fell asleep while eating. I got up slowly and quietly and walked into  the bathroom. I washed up, took a shower and got dressed. I wore my blue, pink, and purple dip dyed shorty shorts, and my pink aeropostale tank top with my light blue toms. I looked down at my belly. I was hungry. I looked at the cable of the TV and looked at the time it was 10:34am I decided to make breakfast for when everyone woke up. I tip-toed quietly to small kitchen and looked in the fridge and cabinets deciding on what to make. I decided on pancakes, eggs, and bacon. I had just finished making breakfast when I guess Harry smelled the food, and he woke up. "Good morning love" he said to me as I took out the orange juice. "Good morning to you too" I said to him with a smile. He took a plate and immediately grabbed some pancakes, eggs, and bacon. "This is delicious!" Harry said, his mouth was filled with pancakes. "Thank you cupcake" I said smiling at him. "Cupcake......I like that" he said with a sly little grin on his face. I laughed and said "Oh I almost forgot the syrup for the pancakes". "I knew something was missing with my pancakes" Harry said laughing. I handed Harry the syrup, "Thank you love". Niall came running in the kitchen a few minutes later with Louis and Eleanor yelling "FOOD!!" Niall came and gave me a hug and said, "Thank you Ashley for making food! Your my new best friend!" I laughed and hugged him back. Now everyone was in the kitchen eating breakfast....except for Vanessa. "Hey Niall, where's Vanessa?" I said curiously. "Oh she's in the bathroom brushing her teeth" he said back. "Oh okay!" After everyone had finished eating. "What do you guys wanna do today?" It was Louis who asked. "I don't know, but it's hot. I wanna do something fun!" I said with a very cheeky smile. Liam laughed at me, which of course made me laugh, which made Niall Laugh, which made Louis laugh, and lets just say everyone started laughing. "Hey let's go to the beach!" Zayn said looking at me with a weird smile. I looked at Harry who was looking at me the same way Zayn was looking at me. I'm confused. "I wanna go to the beach" I said to Louis. "Then everyone go get ready!" Louis yelled as he ran away with Eleanor on his back. I giggled. Vanessa gave me a piggy-back ride to my room since our rooms were right next to each other. I laughed the whole time. I've never been so happy before. Vanessa had just walked into her room when Harry grabbed my arm. I turned around and he looked me straight in the eyes. I couldn't help but laugh. We were so close. Harry laid his head on my head. I couldn't believe it. Was Harry Styles about to kiss me. He leaned in and I did too. We kissed for about a minute. I can't believe that just happened. I just kissed Harry Styles. After the kiss I blushed so hard. "I really like you Ashley Hernandez. Would you do me the honor of letting me take you on a date." I nodded and kissed him on the cheek, and left him standing there outside my door. I heard him yell "YES" and I couldn't help but blush even more. 

           I had already taken a shower, so I just changed into my bikini. I wore my strapless red bikini. The bottom had lace on the sides. It was my all time favorite bikini. I also had one in pink and blue. I grabbed my beach bag and put in my towel, my sunglasses, a magazine, lotion, and my pink and purple wallet that my dad got me, and my new iphone 5, that my dad also got me. I put my dark  blue tank top over my bikini and the same shorts as before and walked out. Vanessa, Niall, Louis, Eleanor, Liam, and Danielle were already downstairs. I walked over to where Vanessa was sitting and sat down next to her. She was watching Spongebob. Vanessa and I love Spongebob, I know we're like 18 years old, but we will always love spongebob. I laughed as Harry and Zayn walked down the stairs, Harry looked at me and said "Spongebob?" "Yeah got a problem with it" I said with a smirk. "No, I just didn't know you guys like spongebob" He said back. "Well now you know." "Okay guys let's go!" Louis said. "Oh please Louis stop whining!" I said as he laughed at me and poked my stomach. We didn't want to take the bus, so we took Louis's van. We all got in I sat by the window in the back with Harry, and Zayn. Zayn was looking at Harry with an irritated look. I wonder what was wrong with him. I decided I would ask him later, when we get back to the house. When we got to the beach the fans crowded around the car, we could hardly park the car. Harry then looked at me and took my phone out of my hand. "What are you doing Styles!?" I said with a confused smile. He laughed at me and added his number on my phone. We took a picture together as the contact photo. He changed the ring-tone for his contact to "What Makes You Beautiful", and gave me my phone back. I did the same for his. I wanted to see the picture he took of us so I went to contacts and looked for Harry. It wasn't there. "Harry what did you save your name as on my phone?" I looked at him to see him grinning at me. He took my phone away from me again, he went to his contact and gave me back my phone, it was saved as "babe <3". "You put your name as babe<3  on my phone?" I said laughing at him. He nodded and put his arm around me. Zayn looked like he wanted to punch Harry's guts out. Harry saw me looking at Zayn and laughed. 

               When we finally got out of the van the boys signed a few photos, and talked to a few fans. Harry held my hand the whole time. One of the girls kept giving me a dirty look. I just laughed and said nice to meet you too, and walked away with Harry. He smiled at me and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. A few feet away you heard the fans screaming "OMG GOD HARRY! IS THAT YOUR GIRLFRIEND!", or "Aaaawwwwww!" from the back. I blushed so much I had to drink some water to calm down. Harry and I caught up with the rest of the guys who find a spot to lay our stuff. Zayn said he didn't want to go swimming and he'll watch our stuff. I couldn't help notice how sad he looked. "Hey Ashley you coming in the water" I turned around it was Harry. I saw that Everyone else had already took off there clothes and had their bathing suits on. "Yeah I'll be right there you guys go I'll meet you in the water. As everyone left, I took my hair out of the pony tail and sat down next to Zayn on the beach towel. "Hey Zayn, What's up? I couldn't help notice how sad you look." I looked at him with caring eyes. I really hoped he was okay. "Yeah I'm fine I just really like you Ashley, and I know Harry does too, and I also know that you like him back." I froze after he said that to me. I can't believe he just said that. I looked at him and said, "I don't know what to say Zayn." He looked at me again and said ,"Can I try something real quick just to get it out of my system." I looked at him but didn't answer. I felt Zayn's cool lips slam against mine. I pulled away. I had to get out of here, or I was going to cry. I got up and ran away towards Harry. I took off tank top and shorts and ran to Harry. I felt a teardrop fall from my eye. I caught up to Harry who was apparently looking for me. "H-Harry I'm sorry I didn't know what to do" More tears fell from my eyes. "Ashley what happened? are you okay?" He wiped my tears away and looked me straight in the eye and said "What happened, you can tell me." "It's Zayn he said he really likes me and the he kissed me, and now I feel terrible, because he asked if he could kiss me, and I didn't answer , and then I just got up and ran away. i didn't know what to do. Now I feel terrible." I glanced at Harry. he was glaring at Zayn. I could tell he was very angry. He looked back down at me with caring eyes "Are you okay?" he asked me. "Yeah I'm fine I'm just in shock. But please don't hurt him, I just wanna have fun while were here." "Okay" Harry said smiling at me with his beautiful green eyes. They were the perfect shade of green. He couldn't have been more perfect. Niall soon came over. He seemed to be the only one who noticed something wrong with me. "Hey, you okay?" Niall asked me. He looked very concerned. "Yeah I'm fine thanks Niall." I felt my tears welling up again but this time in happiness. "Hey no crying!" he said to me laughing. "I'm soooo HUNGRY! Aren't you hungry?" "Yeah a little." I said smiling. I looked him in the eyes and started laughing. His eyes are soo blue. "Hey let's call the rest of the guys over, and we can get something to eat at the snack shop." Niall said. I felt Harry get all tense. "It's okay Harry" I whispered in his ears. He looked down at me and smiled, and looked into my eyes. My eyes are blue like Niall's but mine are more of a baby blue.  I looked back at Niall "Yeah sure Harry and I will meet you over there, you call the guys." He smiled and walked away. 


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