Summer Vacation

Ashley just found out that her dad is the new manager for the band One Direction! While going away off to college soon she wants to spend a lot of time with her dad, now that her mom just passed away. Not only does Ashley have a great summer but she ends up finally finding her true love.


13. Chapter 13

Harry's P.O.V


      I woke up with Ashley still lying on my chest. She's so cute when she sleeps. I stared at her for a few minutes. I shook her slightly, she opened her eyes and smiled. I bent my head down and gave her a kiss on the lips. "You want breakfast I'm starving!" I whispered to her. She nodded. "Sure let me just brush my teeth." I needed to too so I  picked her up bridal style and carried her to the bathroom. She laughed. Ashley has the cutest laugh ever. I smiled too, and sat her down on the counter in the bathroom. She leaned in and kissed me I kissed back. Every time we touched I felt sparks. I've never really felt like this with all the other girls. I really liked Ashley..... no wait I loved her. I was afraid to tell her though, I don't know how she would react. I decided I would tell her later down in the road. We kept kissing until She pulled away. "Harry I think we should get back to what we were doing before" she said giggling. "Okay" I said laughing back.  We brushed our teeth, and ran downstairs into the kitchen. Louis was eating cereal. "Lou!" Ashley ran and jumped on his back. Louis started choking on his cereal. "Oops sorry Lou." Ashley said giggling. "You almost gave me a heart attack!" Louis yelled jokingly. I laughed at the both of them and grabbed 2 bowls out of the cabinet. "What cereal do you want?" "Well what cereal do you have?" she asked me back. "We have Frosted Flakes, Cinnamon Toast crunch, or Honey Bunches" "FROSTED FLAKES! SO we can be matching!" Louis yelled. She laughed and nodded. I had Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Niall came downstairs into the kitchen while we were discussing what we should do today. 

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