Summer Vacation

Ashley just found out that her dad is the new manager for the band One Direction! While going away off to college soon she wants to spend a lot of time with her dad, now that her mom just passed away. Not only does Ashley have a great summer but she ends up finally finding her true love.


11. Chapter 11

Ashley's P.O.V


                I got out of the limo after  Louis. "ASHLEY!" I turned around to find a reporter calling my name. The movie theater was swarming with paparazzi all over the place. Great place to hang out! The police were keeping the fans away from us. Harry held my hand as we ran as fast as we could into the movie theater. The paparazzi weren't allowed in the movie theater. Liam went to go buy us tickets to see "The Amazing Spider-man". Louis managed to get the lady to make a private section for us, so no fans can bother us during the movie. I sat down next to Harry, with Zayn on my other side. Louis was mad at Zayn for sitting next to me, when he wanted to. I told Louis that he could sit next to me next time. He frowned then smiled. I laughed silently to myself. Harry put his arm around me and I snuggled up close to me. We were in the couple section where there are no armchairs. Niall and Harry did the same. I looked at Vanessa to see her making out with Niall. I tapped Harry on the shoulder and pointed to them making out. He laughed and took out his phone and took a picture of them kissing. They stopped immediately when the camera flashed. I laughed so hard. Vanessa was blushing and Niall looked liked he wanted to strangle Harry, but laughed it off. "Hey sir, may you please turn off your phone during the movie, we don't want to disturb anyone" It was the security guard. "Sorry sir I'll make sure to turn off the flash next time." Louis, Zayn, Liam, Harry, and I were all snickering as he walked away. Vanessa;s face was red as a tomato. Harry turned the flash off his phone, as he went was posting the picture on twitter. I laughed even louder, and Niall and Vanessa stared at me suspiciously. "Hey you want something to eat?" Harry whispered to me. "Yeah sure, I'll come with you to get the popcorn. Harry asked the other guys if they wanted popcorn, Harry and I were going to bring it for them. We reached the snack counter. "Hey Can I have 5 large popcorns, and 5 pepsi's." Harry asked the lady behind the counter. The lady smiled at him. I glared at her, and she seemed to get the message that Harry's mine. Harry chuckled a little, and I elbowed him in his stomach. The lady kept giving me dirty looks. "Want a picture!?" I asked rudely to the lady behind the counter."Sorry" She mumbled. She didn't dare look at me again. Harry and I walked away laughing silently. I felt her still staring at us. "Hey wanna make her jealous?" Harry whispered to me. "I smiled and nodded. He kissed me passionately, even though we were holding popcorn. Harry looked back and sniggered. I looked to and the ladies face flushed. I laughed so hard I spilled a little popcorn on the floor. I put the popcorn down for a minute, and scooped the popcorn up and put it in the garbage. I took some hand sanitizer from the bathroom. Harry and I walked back to the movie theater, and saw these girls flirting with Niall and Zayn. I could tell Vanessa was on the verge of tears. She stood up, and walked away. Th girls were giving her dirty looks. I gave everybody their popcorn and went to go find Vanessa. I looked at Niall. He didn't even notice Vanessa was gone. I glared at him and he seemed confused. 

               Harry slapped Niall's arm and yelled "Dude!" Niall seemed to understand why Harry and I looked at him like that. I didn't care. He just hurt my best friends feelings. I ran in the direction I saw her leave. I pushed an exit behind the movie theater and saw Vanessa sitting on a bench crying. "Vanessa are you okay?" she looked at me. "Right. Dumb question. What happened with those girls? Aren't they supposed to stay away from the boys until we leave the movie theater? I thought they weren't allowed anywhere near us." Vanessa shrugged. "He didn't even notice I left. He was too busy flirting with his so-called fans, that he forgot that he was dating someone right now. And I was right next to him!" She seemed pissed. I can't believe Niall did that. "Come on let's get you back inside." "No I wanna go home!" Vanessa whined. "Okay I'll drive you back home. I'm just gonna go tell Harry." She nodded, and continued to cry. I walked back into the movie theater and saw Harry sitting watching the movie. "Okay I'm gonna take Vanessa back home. I'll call a cab. "Call the limo to pick you up at 856-9922( A/N I just made up that #) "Okay babe see you later." Harry said back to me. He gave me a kiss and I left. I called a cab to drive Vanessa and I home. I paid the taxi, and ran to meet Vanessa in front of the door. "I forgot my key" Vanessa whispered to me. "Oh don't worry I have mine" I opened the door, and took Vanessa upstairs to my room. She laid down on the bed. "Hey you want something to eat?" I asked. "Yeah sure. Can you make spaghetti?" Vanessa asked me. "Sure sweety, but come downstairs and watch TV in the living room, while I make some. I don't want you to be up here by yourself." "Okay" I turned on the TV and put it on spongebob. She smiled a little. It was her favorite episode. When Spongebob and Patrick were selling chocolate, and that one guy went crazy. I laughed too a little, and went to make the spaghetti. 

**30 minutes later** 

"Ashley it's ready! Come eat!" she came running in the kitchen. She made the exact same face Niall made when there was food. I laughed and told her that. She frowned. BUZZ BUZZ. It was my phone and Vanessa's phone. They both buzzed at the same time. Weird. It was a text from Harry. "I'll be home soon love," Harry texted. "Who texted you?" I asked Vanessa. "Liam, he said Niall feels really bad, and that he knew if he called me from his phone I wouldn't answer. Which is bullshit because that is so not true. I love Niall! And for him to even say that is a piece of shit. Now he's making me think I made the wrong choice of saying yes, when he asked me out." "Oh Vanessa. Everything is gonna be alright between you and him. You guys were meant to be together". 

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