Summer Vacation

Ashley just found out that her dad is the new manager for the band One Direction! While going away off to college soon she wants to spend a lot of time with her dad, now that her mom just passed away. Not only does Ashley have a great summer but she ends up finally finding her true love.


14. Author's Note

I probably won't be writing next week because I have spring break and I already have homework, and projects to get started on. Sorry! I'' try to write as soon as possible! I might put this fanfic on Wattpad. If I do I'll tell you guys! BTW I'm sorry the last chapter was soooo short. I'll write more on the next chapter. if you guys want to me to start giving out shout outs comment my story. Leave them in my comments I promise to read all coments. If a majority of you say yes then I'll start asking questions and then whoever answers correctly first will get a shout-out! Love you guys. Thanks to those who read my fanfic.

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