Summer Vacation

Ashley just found out that her dad is the new manager for the band One Direction! While going away off to college soon she wants to spend a lot of time with her dad, now that her mom just passed away. Not only does Ashley have a great summer but she ends up finally finding her true love.


1. Chapter 1

Ashley's P.O.V

   "AAAHHHHH!!!" I screamed so loud! I can't believe it I always dreamed this would happen! My dad is One Direction's new manager! That means I'm gonna spend my whole summer with them! My best friend Vanessa was coming too. Well i guess I can call her my sister now, because just a month ago her parents died in a tragic car accident. In their will it said she was allowed to live with anyone she pleased. She chose me and my dad opened his arms to her, and made her feel welcome. I was so glad she moved in with us, so now we could do everything together! I knew her since we were babies, and our parents were the best of friends too, even before we were born! I loved Vanessa, she was always there for me and I promise to always be there for her too, now that her parents just died. But I feel her pain, last year my mom took a job offer in France and on her way back to visit us the plane crashed and she's gone now. That day was the worst day of my entire life! Oh well anyways I should wake Vanessa up and tell her the great news. She could use some cheering up. 

    "Vanessa wake up!" I yelled! "Okay, okay I'm up. What is it now?" I told her that my dad was managing One Direction and we were going to spend the whole summer with them on their tour bus! she freaked out. "NO WAY!!!" she yelled. "YEAH WAY!" My dad gave us each money to go shopping and buy some things for the trip. We were going to Miami first. We went and bought so many outfits at Forever 21, Juicy Couture, Guess, and American Eagle. We go home at around 6:00. "Change of plans guys we're leaving tonight" my dad said as we got home. "So go take a shower, get dressed, and pack. We leave at 7:30 tonight. Dress in something nice, we're going out to eat."


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