*this is the sequel to Same mistakes please read it to understand* Shay and Skys start to get surprises from Harry and Niall and well,someone comes back.


2. Moving and possibly a fight from a reunion?

-Alexandra's POV- I was woken up by some ruckus "What 's going on!?" I asked staring at all of the boxes on the ground "Well We thought it was time for a new home" Skys smiled "All of us?" I asked "Yeah! bigger home, bigger family" Shay smirked "Bigger family?" I walked away confused

-Skys' POV- "Bigger family?" She walked away confused "Iced cap? Latte?" Shay asked me getting her red puma high tops on "I guess so!" I slipped on my grey toms and walked out after her ~At Starbucks~ We were sitting at a table drinking our caffeine "Tonight, we're going out, wanna come?" she asked me "Sure! where?" "A club" She perked up "Meet you at home" She ran away

-Shay's POV- I put on a short red skinny dress and made my hair into a waterfall braid "Skys?" I asked looking at what she was wearing "What are you wearing!? go get dressed!" I pushed her into her new room, When she walked out she was wearing her PJ's "I'm not going Shay! I'm having a sleepover with one of my old friends" She said and slumped back into the couch "Okay have it your way!" I said and got my red high tops on "I'll wait with you" I sat down on the couch, I jumped a little when the doorbell rang "Jessica! come on in" She hugged a blonde standing in our house "I'll see you later Skys" I waved, she didn't even look at me, not even a 'see ya', I walked out, thinking of all those times she forgot about me and this was the time.

~When Shay got back~

"Hey Skys the guys stayed out for a little- Oh hell no! get out of my shirt! Skys!" I yelled and stomped in front of the T.V "Fine, Jess go into my room and get another shirt" She said and gestured to her room "Skys you can't just let her go into my room and take my stuff" I said while grabbing my blanket and pillows, she rolled her eyes in reply, I walked into my room and threw the pillows and blankets down onto the ground and ran back outside, I sat on the doorstep "Shay, you can come in now, T.V's all yours" She said "Shay?" She sat beside me "What?" I asked harshly "are you okay?" "Just leave me alone!" I yelled and ran back inside


-Skys' POV- "Just leave me alone!" She yelled and ran back inside, I guess having Jessica over was a bad idea, without thinking I ran after her "Shay just tell me" I sat down next to her on the floor in the extra room "Ok, When i left you ignored me and just giving her my favorite shirt,It feels like you replacing me" She said and sighed at the end of the sentence "I could never replace you! Shay we've known each other since preschool, Of course I can't replace you" I hugged her "I didn't say you were, I said it felt LIKE you were" She laughed, We heard a squeal from the living room  "Oh no" We both said and ran into the living room "Guys! One Direction is in your house!" Jessica squealed again "Jessica you might want to leave" I said pushing her out the door and shoving her stuff into her hands "Why?" She asked with a puppy dog face "I got a problem right now, good seeing you!" I shut the door "So your back" I said "We had to! the club was swarming with paparazzi and screaming girls" Niall almost screamed "Okay I guess we can watch a movie or something" I shrugged "If they are FAR away from us, They reek of alcohol" Shay was right, they drank too much, We sat on the couch and they sat on the floor, When they fell asleep Shay asked me "Do you wanna draw on their faces? it's gonna be fun!" She took out two sharpies, I grabbed one and we randomly drew stuff on their  faces and laughed our head's off "Well I'm gonna go crash, night" Shay said and ran off, I went to sleep too but I didn't fall asleep that fast, i kept thinking about what happened with Paisley, It still scared me that she might come back.


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