*this is the sequel to Same mistakes please read it to understand* Shay and Skys start to get surprises from Harry and Niall and well,someone comes back.



-Skys' POV- That night Shay helped me pick out an outfit "So short or long?" She asked standing by my dresser, I was still in my PJ's "Medium I guess" I said brushing through my long, but not too long, hair, I dyed it black and got purple streaks but everyone's used to it "AHA! found that dress you asked for!" She yelled, She pulled it out and handed it to me then walked away, It was perfect, It was purple with black stripes at the sides and was medium length just like I asked for, I ran into the washroom and got dressed, I didn't feel like putting on make-up so I went natural, I put on some black high heels then Shay ran in "OMG! you look so pretty!!!" She said "Thanks, I just hope Niall likes it" I said "Of course he will!" Shay did my hair, she put a bow in and left it down "There! now go out there gawjous!" Shay yelled opening the door, We walked out, I was looking down and wondering why he wanted to take me out "Skys! GO!" I didn't realize we where outside the car until Shay screamed -At dinner- We ate and talked and so far it hasn't been bad, We walked outside to a beautiful place and that's when we stopped walking "Skys I have something to ask you" He said then he got down on one knee "Skylar Lynn Grey, Will you marry me and make me the happiest man alive?" He asked with a smile "Yes! I will!" I screamed tears of joy running down my cheeks, He slipped the ring on my finger and kissed me passionately, We broke off the kiss and went home.

-Shay's POV-  When Skys walked in I saw a ring on her finger, I started freaking out so I ran to where the rest of the boys were, I started jumping up and down and smiling "HE PROPOSED!!!" I screamed still jumping The boys turned to face me but it was too late I already ran off, I walked in causally and sat down next to Skys "What did he do!?" I asked looking surprised "He proposed" She said showing me the expensive diamond ring, I hugged her and right at that time the boys ran in "HE PROPOSED??" Louis screamed/asked "Yea" She said, Then she walked off with Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam, leaving Harry and I alone "When are you going to propose?" I asked "Who said I was!?" He asked, I laughed and ran off into Skys' room, "Skys..." I said knocking on the door "Don't bother her" Someone said and touched my back, I jumped a little only to realize it was Harry, I turned around and ran after him, We ran all the way around the house until we got to the balcony, He wrapped his hands around my waist and kissed me "long time since you've done that" I said with a little smirk, I walked back in and sat down, Daniel then walked in "I'm still not over your hair" He said "remember that time when you got the red tips? mom and I were freaking out" I said calmly "True, True" He said, I got up, I ruffled his hair and walked away.I was starting to get tired so I decided to go to bed."I'm tired,Hazza carry me to our room?" I said obviously tired."Sure thing,love." Harry said then picked me up bridal style.

-Harry's POV-"Sure thing,love" I said as I picked her up.We were half way up when I heard snoring.She fell asleep! I had to change her into a tank top and shorts (I wasn't looking) and put her to bed."Goodnight,I love you." I said and kissed her gently on the forehead.

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