Valentines Day - This Maybe The Beginning of a Forever (1SHOT41D)

Single... Not the best way to describe yourself on the one day where you are supposed to express your love to that special someone. But you never know... There's a reason for everything, even if you don't know where it's headed.


1. A Day to Remember



I watched as the other lads had their phones out, texting their girlfriends. Liam still had Danielle, as did Louis with Elenor. Zayn had finally admitted his feelings for a lifelong friend, and she happened to have had a crush on his since they were both 13. Lucky bug. Harry was in an on-again, off-again relationship with one of our neighbors back in London. All four were on a trip to Toronto as we speak to meet up with us for a few days. Now, normally, I would be fine with this, I'm good friends with all of them. But this time, i was loathing all four of my best friends.

Tommorow is Valentine's Day. Which made me absolutely jealous, and it was complete bollocks. I shouldn't feel this way, I should be happy for them, and not wallowing in self-pity that I hadn't found the one meant for me. I knew she would come when the time is right, but it's so frustrating having to wait, never knowing when it was going to be.

I groaned, and shoved my head in my hands, lacing my fingers through my hair, shoving the heels of my hands into my eyes. I needed to get out for awhile.

"What's up, Nialler?" I heard a low voice ask. I looked up, my eyes sqinted slightly from the pressure of my hands. Liam had looked up from his phone from his position on the couch, and after his question, the rest of the band looked up as well. Zayn from sitting on the floor, propped up by the side of the armchair where Harry was sprawled out, and Louis from lying across the couch, his feet on Liams lap. I had been at the breckfast bar in the hotel room we had all herded into, which was being shared by Harry, Zayn and Liam.

I shook my head, standing up. "I just have to get out for a bit. The rentals are in the back, right?" I knew the hotel had rental cars available to their guests whenever needed, and i needed air. Liam nodded, and opened his mouth to talk again. I stopped him before he could start. "I just need some space, I'm feeling a bit fidgety. I'll be back for the girls, don't worry."

Liam closed his mouth and nodded. I picked up my wallet and phone, went across to the room Louis and I were sharing, and grabbed my guitar, and headed out back. Luckily the fans hadn't gotten wind of our stay yet, so I had no trouble talking to the staff, grabbing a set of keys, and heading out into the busy city. We came here multiple times a year, but Toronto never seemed to stop amazing me. I remembered reading about a small town about an hours drive east of Toronto, and how they had an amazing waterfront, complete with boardwalk and beautiful beach. It might be February, but it was warm, and the snow had melted. I was out in only a hoodie.

I plugged the town into the GPS, and followed the directions down to a highway called 401. It took about twenty minutes to get out of the city, as it was early morning rush hour, but as soon as I got out, it became pretty relaxing. I turned on the radio, and kept flipping until I found a channel that announced it was for the Cobourg/Peterborough area, which worked for me, seeing as I was heading to Cobourg. They quickly went through the weather, still sunny, warm, with no snow, and Victoria Duffield came on with Feel. I tapped the steering wheel while switching lanes.

I let my thoughts cloud my mind as i drove, trying to sort out what I was feeling. I guess it was more lonliness than anything else. I hadn't had a girlfriend since just before I left for the X Factor auditions, and that was the summer of 2010. It was now the beginning of 2013. I'm 19, and sure, that's young for trying to find that one girl to spend your life with, but I'm not one to go after every girl. I want to find one with a connection. If I went after a random girl, the one I'm meant to be with could come into my life and leave without me even noticing.

I kept daydreaming, and only shook myself to the present when the GPS flashed at me, telling me the ramp was coming up. I turned off, and headed down towards the lake, following the signs down to the waterfront. It was stunning. There was a bandshell looking out over a huge lawn, trees lining the edges, and a few picnic tables scattered everywhere. The bandshell was also turned so it looked over the beach, where there were dark blue, icy cold waves crashing. In the distance, I saw the harbor, at the moment empty as the boats had been stored for the winter. I could also see the start of the boardwalk, which started at the other side of the harbor, and snaked beside another sandy beach. The parking lot was off to the side, so the beauty wasn't brought down in any way. I parked off to the side, and grabbed my guitar out of the backseat. I walked down a small stoned path towards the bandshell.

There were a couple levels to the stage, and I climbed towards the back, unzipped my guitar case, and grabbed my notebook from the front pocket. I pulled it onto my lap, and started plucking chords. Soon enough, I was singing a song i had been working on for a few weeks, though I haven't shown the boys yet. They wouldn't have had all the emotion I wanted to put into the song.

I'll walk down my road,
And I'll smile to myself,
Cos I know you're on your way,
And I'll walk down my street,
And sing a song or two,
Cos I know there will be a day,
But until then,
I say,

I'll sip your favourite drinks,
And I'll go to your favourite places.
Shop in the same stores,
And meet the same old faces,
I'll use your shampoo brand,
Even thought it's for women,
And I don't care If I smell,
Like girl,
It is worth it in the end.

I'll walk down my road,
And I'll smile to myself,
Cos I know you'll find me.

It was a little frustrating, because i couldn't figure out a chorus. I ran my fingers over the strings one last time, and sat there, staring at my left hand's position on the neck.

"You know, if i didn't know any better, I'd say you were a world-famous singer."

My head shot up, and I saw a girl leaning on the edge of the bandshell, her arms crossed, looking at me with a smirk and a mischevious look in her eyes. Her eyes. They were an ice blue, almost the same color of the waves on the beach, with a dark ring around the edge. You could see the laughter in her eyes, but at the same time, they looked into your soul. And she had me frozen as she examined mine, her eyes boring into mine.

She laughed, and hoisted herself up onto the stage. This was when my gaze broke and I saw the rest of her. She had more of a rocker look, with light, stonewashed skinny jeans, a graphic tee, black with blue and silver words reading "Find Yourself, Lose Yourself, Create Yourself". She had a black leather jacket, with zippers and buckles everywhere. I could see the front had a small ring placed on it instead of a tab. She had a pair of converse on, which were white with multi-colored plaid designs on them. She was slightly bigger than most girls, I'd say a size 12 or 14. Slightly bigger chest. But she handled herself well. She didn't carry herself like most people would when they aren't size 0. She was confident.

I moved to her face. She had straight hair falling halfway down her back, with blunt bangs, straight across her horhead at her eyebrows, and the color is difficult to describe. It looks like she had dyed it a few times, but it looked completely natural. The last couple inches were light black, and just above, there were a couple inches of dirty blond color, but it looked like if the sun had caught her hair. Above that was a light red, and her roots wer growing out, revealing her light brown natural color. And her mouth. She had a small birthmark just above her lip on the right side. Her lower lip was slightly bigger than her upper, and her bottom lip... she had it pierced on the left side, and had a rind through it, spikes on either end. She only had lip gloss and some mascara on, which made me that much more comfortable. She wasn't going to hide behind makeup. She was showing her true self.

I mentally shook myself, and scooted over to give her some room to sit beside me. I put my giutar by my feet, and turned slightly so i would be facing her. "Well," I started, looking down by my feet.

She laughed, and touched my shoulder. "I know who you are. I'm joking. You're Niall Horan, also known as the leprachan, Nialler, blondie... I could go on. You're in One Direction. I've been a fan since they put you together in bootcamp." She smiled, and I noticed her teeth. Slightly off-white, but not dirty. They were slightly crooked, and her smile made me melt. What was I feeling? It was different, something I couldn't put my finger on, and I couldn't remember feeling it before. She pulled me out of my thoughts.

"I'm Emmi. My real name is Mary-Ellen, but I absolutely hate the name. Named after my four great-grandmothers, and they all got in a fight about who would be in my first name..." She trailed off, looking out towards the beach, smiling again, but this time, peaceful, lips closed.

I grinned. "Well, you already seem to know everything about me. I'm Niall, and it's good to meet a fan that doesn't go crazy as soon as they see me. So," I questioned, Emmi looking back at me, "What has you out in the middle of February? Especially this early. It's what? Ten?" I looked at my watch. "Yep, Ten. Give or take a couple minutes."
She laughed again, the tips of her mouth pulling back and revealing a small dimple in her right cheek. "At the moment, I'm visiting family while taking a week away from school. It was getting a bit overwhelming, and I know I'll be able to catch up once I go back, but I needed time to breathe. My roots are here. I was actually raised in a house about a ten minute walk from here. My family moved, though, There was a messy breakup, and alot of drama has been going on the past six years. I'm out at the moment because i find it more peaceful early in the morning when most people are in school or working. It's a good way to clear my head. Even though when I normally clear my head, it's with your music. Congrats on your newest album by the way. I'm glad I Should've Kissed You made the cut." She looked down at her hands, which were running circles on her thigh.

I slipped my arm around her shoulders and squeezed. "Thanks. that was my favorite to record. Even though I only sang eleven words." I grinned as she looked up, our faces closer than i had realised. But I didn't move away. I moved both of us back so we were leaning on the wall, legs straight out. "So, what are you in school for?"

i had dropped my arm from her shoulders, and it was resting between us. She picked it up, and put it in her lap, running her fingers over my hand, across my knuckles, turning it over and tracing the lines in my palm. It felt good. Calming, and I felt all of my anxiety over tomorrow leave my body.

"I'm in Loyalist College for Pre Health Science this year. I just got my accpetance for next year, saying I'm coming back for the next two years for Practical Nursing." I looked over and saw her grinning that contagious smile again. "My friends always told me I should go into medicine. I always was watching medical shows, reading about procedures during lunch. I made alot of friends sick, because I would read things out loud, and still be able to eat. They thought I was a natural. No normal twenty one year old can just down food while reading about inserting catheters."

I laughed, and for the first time in a while it wasn't fake or forced.

She looked up at me, and I felt her eyes staring holes into my skull as I looked over the lake. "You never told me why you're alone in this no name town, sitting in a deserted bandshell, no security, no band."

I nodded, still looking over the water. "Yeah. It was becoming too much of a love fest over in the hotel. We're in Toronto for about a week, and the lads are waiting for their girlfriends to fly in later today. It was making me a bit sick, being the only single one in the room. I just don't feel the need to absolutely have somebody. Live your life, and when the right one comes, you'll know. But at the same time, it's frustrating. I hate not knowing when it will be, you know? I would love to be able to shower a girl with love, gifts, tell her she's beautiful... But I don't want to be with somebody that's only there to fill a hole. If I was with her, I might miss The One..."

I watched as Emmi nodded out of the corner of my eye. At that point, the wind picked up, and her hair went everywhere. She grabbed it, and flipped it out of her face. I caught the scent of tangerines, I'm guessing from her shampoo. I felt myself shiver a bit. But it wasn't from the cold.

"I know what you mean," She whispered, and I only heard her because the wind was carrying her voice. "I thought i had liked someone a couple years ago, we actually started dating while you were on X Factor." She smiled a little, but it didn't have life anymore. "I just got caught up in the thought of somebody actually liking me as more than a friend. But then he became abusive. Mentally, physically, emotionally, verbally... and sexually." She breathed the last word, and I only just picked up on it. I didn't like where this was going. "He took everything from me, barred me from my friends, kept me away from what I loved doing, used me for money, and ended up in prison several times, but I kept going back, because I thought no matter what, he still liked me." I could hear the tears in her voice as I looked over and saw two tear tracks down her left cheek. She was looking up, trying to stop herself from crying.

"It took me nearly a year to get away from him, and when I did. I found out he had cheated on me with one of my best friends. He had stolen from me. And I found out he only wanted me for sex... because - and I'm sorry for this - he had never fucked a virgin before." That is when she broke down sobbing. I pulled her into a tight hug, letting her cry into my shoulder. She did for a few minutes, and when she calmed down, she pulled away, but I pulled her back, curling up with her. She continued.

"Since then, I've never felt beautiful. He had said nobody would want me, that I was an ugly bitch. I'm always insecure, but I try not to show it. I hate feeling weak. I've also never learned to trust after him. He took everything away from me that I can never get back." She held up her hand, where I noticed a silver band around her ring finger. "I wear this as a promist to myself that I will never go back to anybody like that." She laughed bitterly.

"I'm sorry i put you through having to hear all that. I know it probably means nothing. You've lived such an amazing life, and I'm stuck here in this dump. Nice meeting you." She started to get up.

"Oh, no you don't," I mumbled as I pulled her back into my lap. I looked into her eyes, seeing straight to her soul. She broke my gaze and looked into her lap, where I was running my fingers over her knee, drawing patterns. "I'm glad you told me. I'm glad you opened up to me. And whether you know it or not, that shows you are beginning to trust again. And I feel honoured you chose me to trust." I slipped my fingers under her chin and tipped it up. My other hand came up to her face to gently wipe away her tears. "Can I ask you something?" She nodded, and I continued, looking her in the eye. "I know you know our first album, and our first song release?"

She nodded. "Who doesn't? What Makes You Beautiful is the anthem of teenage girls, giving them the hope that somebody sees them as beautiful. So many of my friends fit that song when it first came out."

I smiled at her description. "I know somebody who fits that song perfectly, you know that?"

She snorted. "Obviously. You had to have had some sort of inspiration."

I shook my head. "No, this person didn't inspire the song. In fact, I just met her." She started, a confused look on her face. "You are beautiful, whether you think so or not. You make my heart race, you turned my head when you first showed up, you think you're insecure, but i don't know how. You don't need makeup, you look amazing without it. When you flipped you hair in the wind earlier, I became intoxicated. I want you desperately. You have lit my world up with your personality, your laugh is contagious, as well as your smile. You're eyes... I got lost in them." She started chewing on her lipring. I smiled. "The way you are an individual. Not many people would get their lip pierced. I can't believe you don't know you're beautiful. But that's what makes you beautiful. And makes me want to get to know you better."

I pulled out my phone, handing it to her. "Put your number in. I want to be able to see you again, talk to you." She accepted my phone, and handed me hers. I punched in some digits, and took my picture. She did the same, and we exchanged phones again. I stood up, and pulled her to her feet. I felt her wrap her arms around my waist, and I pulled her into a hug.

I pulled away, and tipped Emmi's head up so I could look into her eyes. There were so many emotions, so many stories I hoped to crack. I felt so much towards her, and I couldn't explain it. I leaned forward and brushed my lips across her forehead. I felt a current run through me, and i knew this was right. I never felt this way about a girl before, and I was nervous, but really excited to see where it led. I knelt down to put my guitar back in the case, as well as my notebook. I hoisted the case up, and wrapped my arm around Emmi's shoulders. I breathed deeply, and slowly let it out.



"What do you think about me and the lads coming down tomorrow with the girls? I want to see you again."

She smiled her contagious smile, and looked up at me, her icy blue eyes looking deep into my soul, just like when I first laid eyes on her. "I would like that. I'm in my own apartment that I rent throughout the year. I'll text you the address later, okay?"

I nodded, the biggest smile spreading across my face. We slipped off the stage of the bandshell, walking towards the parking lot where my car was still parked. I unlocked the door, placed my guitar on the backseat. I slammed the door and turned towards Emmi once again. I lifted her arms around my neck, and placed my own around her waist. I pulled her in until we were pressed against each other.

I smiled gently down at her. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

"Definately," she grinned, nodding.

Before I could talk myself out of it, I quickly ducked my head, brushing my lips against hers. The electric current was back, but stronger. I pulled back, looking into her eyes, but was pulled back down by her fingers lacing themselves through my hair. As her lips moved against mine, I knew this was right.

As we both pulled away, I started thinking about tomorrow, how I already couldn't wait to be back.

I put my hand on the door handle, and turned back. "I already miss you."

She laughed, causing me to smile. "I miss you too."

I climbed into the car, turned the key, and the car started up. As I pulled out and drove away, I looked in my review mirror, watching Emmi stand where the car used to be. I saw her had reach up to touch her mouth, and I felt the tingle of her lips against mine once again. I smiled as I drove onto the ramp, and headed back to Toronto.


As i walked into Liam, Zayn, and Harry's room, Liam looked up. He grinned at me when he saw the look on my face. "I see you feel better. Harry, Zayn and Louis headed to Pearson to pick up the girls, and I said I'd wait for you before heading out. Did you have fun?"

I gave him a small smile. "Yeah, I did. By the way, we're heading to a town about an hour east of here tomorrow. There's someone I want you to meet."

And with that, I left the room and headed to mine. I guess things really can turn around when you least expect it.
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