Wish You Were Here

Lillianna Rose Harper had just graduated high school with a 3.8 GPA, the best friends ever,the best family ever,and a well-lit path for her singing career. But what happens when Lillianna moves to London...England that is... And meets a certain boy...in a certain band...with four nipples in certain places....


6. Chapter 4

I ran out of the house with Liam chasing behind me. Liam was still in his pajamas with a hair brush in his hand. I was sitting on the sidewalk as Liam was leaving. I was in utter shock. Harry obviously hadn't told them I was there yet.

Harry's POV:

I had finally woken up all of my mates when I had realized I didn't see Liam anywhere. I walked all around the house and then saw him coming in from outside. "Liam, why were you outside?" I asked him as he came in. "Somehow another fan got into the house. Didn't you lock the door?" Liam asked furiously. "Of course I locked the door!" I was starting to get upset. I am not that stupid. How could Liam think of me to be so stupid?


"I want you to meet someone.." I mumbled to Liam. "Who?" I just looked at him and didn't respond. All I did was start walking into the living room, hoping Liam was following behind me. Niall looked at me curiously as we walked in. "I didn't appreciate the water thrown on me Harry." He said. "Well, if you had gotten up then I wouldn't have gone to that measure now would I?" I replied with a smile. Well Finally they would get to meet Lillianna. "Okay guys, I want you to meet Lillianna. She will be staying the night here." Louis just looked at me and smiled. "Will ms.Lillianna be styaing in your bed or-"I cut him off sharply"No Louis, she will be staying in the guest room." Niall and the rest of the band giggled like little girls.


Liam spoke abrubtly."Wait, does Lillianna have blonde hair? Blue eyes?" I looked at him oddly. "Well yeah. Actually she should be in here. Have any of you guys seen her?" Liam looked stunned one second and then was running out the door the next.


Liam's POV:

Crap, crap, crap, crap, CRAP!! I cannot believe I did that! I feel so terrible!! I ran out the door and saw Lillianna's body sitting on the sidewalk. "Lillianna, I am so so soooo sorry I thought you were a fan. I feel so embarrassed. I shouldn't have assumed about you." I felt truley sorry. She looked up at me and smiled. "Hahaa...Yeah..It's fine. You don't need to feel bad." She's actually really pretty I thought. "Come on." I said. "Wanna go back inside? Harry is wondering where you ran off to." I held out my hand and she looked up at me and grabbed it. She smiled and walked with me inside. Hand in hand. As we walked in I noticed two things. 

1.Harry looked quite upset when we walked in together and stormed off to his room.

2.Niall looked like a complete pig because he was eating a tub of fudge icecream.


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