Wish You Were Here

Lillianna Rose Harper had just graduated high school with a 3.8 GPA, the best friends ever,the best family ever,and a well-lit path for her singing career. But what happens when Lillianna moves to London...England that is... And meets a certain boy...in a certain band...with four nipples in certain places....


5. Chapter 3

As I walked into his house i was in complete and udder shock. His house. It was amazing! A beautiful and elegant living room with spectacular hard wood floors-I could't believe that I was standing on these floors. My feet didn't feel good enough for these floors. For this house. For him.


As I was standing at the entryway, looking like a complete fool, Harry was in the kitchen. Probably making himself a cup of tea or coffee. He appeared in front of me instantly. With two cups instead of one.


"would you like some tea?" Harry asked me. He was obviously amused that I was in so much shock at his home. I stood still just gazing at him for a moment before I understood that he was asking me a question.


"Oh...yeah..okay..." I sounded like a complete and udder idiot. Harry laughed his adorable laugh. He was so amused at me. I guess I would be amused too...I was acting so stupid it is pretty funny. From his aspect of things at least. From my aspect...Not very amusing...


"Soooo....would you like to meet my mates then?" He sounded very nervous...I don't understand why he would be nervous. There's nothing for him to be nervous about. At least I didn't think he had anything to be,


"Oh yeah sure." My gosh! I sounded like such an idiot. Harry laughed. He all of a sudden grabbed my hand. I looked down and so did he. He looked up at me and smiled. I never noticed he had dimples. He does though. And they are super, super cute. He led me into the living room to the couch. Still holding my hand gently.


"Wait here, I'll bring them downstairs." Harry's voice was very soothing and gentle. 


"Uhm...Okay" I said.


Harry ran upstairs excitedly. Too excitedly. He looked like he was nervous. I guess not. All of a sudden I heard Clanking and banging on the upstairs floorboards. What the hell was going on upstairs? After a few minutes of the banging i went upstairs. I was shocked though, to find Harry umping on their beds. Going from one persons room, to another,traveling in a circle of rooms, then back to the starting rooms.


It seemed that only one other person was up besides Harry. That would be Liam. I'm guessing he's the responsible one around here. OBVIOUSLY not Harry. Liam was walking around from room to room gently shaking the boys to get up. Yeah, he must be the responsible one.


Liam I guess, never noticed me, because when he had to go to the bathroom, and I was standing in front of the bathroom door, well let's say he had quite a shock. Quite a large shock.  Such a large shock that he screamed at the top of his lungs chasing me with his hair brush yelling,"HOW DID ANOTHER FAN GET INTO THE HOUSE?!?!"


He thought I was a crazed fan. I wasn't even acting like a crazed fan. I was just standing there. Makes perfect sense doesn't it?



Hey ya'll! 

I am sooooooooooooooooooooo sorry this took so long! My computer has been acting up!! :( The only way I could access my story was through my IPod. And that doesn't have the best keyboard for typing. For those of you that are reading my diary Annoyances in my life. 

I am sorry i haven't entered anything lately. I've been busy with school, and this story, and my stupid computer. I will try to update it sometime this week :D

If you would like to be my co-author please kik or email me like i said in a previous chapter. 




Love ya'll <3



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