Wish You Were Here

Lillianna Rose Harper had just graduated high school with a 3.8 GPA, the best friends ever,the best family ever,and a well-lit path for her singing career. But what happens when Lillianna moves to London...England that is... And meets a certain boy...in a certain band...with four nipples in certain places....


2. Chapter 1

Lillianna's POV:

The plane was giving me the worst headache EVER. Only a few more hours Lillianna...only a few more hours...

The lady came onto the overhead. "Attention passengers  Please buckle your seat belts as we will be beginning our decent to land in London."

Thank God...

I walked out of the airport into the great bustling city. I breathed in the AMAZING London smell. Taxi's drove all around and people drove on the opposite side of the road that i'm used to.(well DUH) I waved for taxi's one after another. None of them picked me up. I was quite upset so i started walking. My new apartment is only a mile or two away. I can walk. I was on the high school track team after all wasn't I?

So, I walked...and walked...and walked...After a half an hour I was burned out completely. I wasn't even that great on the track team now that i think about it....The sun was setting and I had no idea where I was. I found a nearby park bench and sat. I didn't realize how tired I was...because I had fallen asleep on that bench. And when I woke up... I realized three things...

1. It was the middle of the night.

2.My bags were gone. (probably stolen)

3. A very cute boy was sitting on the ground next to me drawing on a notepad.

"Oh you're awake." The very, very cute boy said to me. He was probably seventeen or eighteen...maybe nineteen at the most..

"hmmm...yeah I am..." I replied tiredly.

"Do you have a place to stay tonight?"

"ummm..who are you?" I said oddly. My voice was hoaarse and dry. Who was this boy? sure he was cute and all but I don't even know him. Is he offering me to stay with him? I don't think so...He might be a murderer or something...or a rapist?!?

"Oh sorry...I guess I didn't mention my name did I? I'm Harry...Harry Styles"


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