Wish You Were Here

Lillianna Rose Harper had just graduated high school with a 3.8 GPA, the best friends ever,the best family ever,and a well-lit path for her singing career. But what happens when Lillianna moves to London...England that is... And meets a certain boy...in a certain band...with four nipples in certain places....


4. A/N

Hey ya'll!!


Did you like the kiss you video I loved itt <3

Anyways....I am really excited about this book XD it's my fave one yet <3 but...here's the thing...I am thinking about getting a co-author...This book requires a lot of attention (in my mind anyways) and i want to work on it more often.

soooooooo if you would like to be a co-author....

then email me @ briellemar@me.com


kik me @ brielle_bear

any hoooooo... <3 yeah so i would like a awesome co-author...so message me on one of those thingies if you would like to help me with this AMAZING book XD

peace ya'll <3


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