Valentine In Style

Mollie was just a normal college girl intending London College of Fashion... valentines is just around the corner .... what will happen when Mollie bumps into a mysterious curly hair, green eyed stranger...will it be love at first sight ?! ♥♥
For the One Direction valentines contest! Good luck to everyone xo
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1. In love with style

Walking down through the overcrowded Oxford Street pavement, you can just tell valentines was on it's way... the once 'Big Issue' sellers were now holding roses and red heart ballons, also Victoria Secret was going along with he whole shrade, plastering their windows with displays of models in red with 'love is in the air' stickers all over the glass windows.

Ughhhh please, I have never been a massive fan of valentines day to be honest, maybe because I was dumped two years ago on what people call this 'happy' day. I was thinking of taking the day off college and disappearing under my covers with the Made in Chelsea box set and Phish Food ice cream!!

I finally got to my apartment I share with my best friend Ruby, who's normally always out, she's an actress in Les Miserables at the moment so its normally just a 'morning' and 'goodnight' situation, I love her to bits though it pays the rent ;) I dump my bag on the counter and check my phone having had in off in lessons today...

Text from Ruby: Get sexy ... were going out tonight!! Wiskey Mist ...we NEED dates for valentines!! No more being single. Be home at 8pm start getting ready Mols x

Great....cant really say no its almost 7 now... so I pull myself up lazily from the sofa and proceed to the bathroom for the quickets shower of my life!!!

Signing along to One Direction I begin to get ready with 45 minuets to spare. I blast my long wavy blonde hair, leaving it with a long tousled look down to my waist. Right to my make-up, the one thing I can actually say i'm good a, well I am studying to be a make-up artist for crying out loud. I decided less was more tonight considering I'm not jumping for joy at the concept of going out tonight. I went with smokey brown eyes, blush to bring out my cheekbones and natural beige lips.... defiantly not to much. Adding my cream lace peplum top, skinny dark denim jeans and VERY high angle boots.... I'm ready to go. My phone buzzes on the bed...

Text  from Ruby: I'm sooo sorry my understudy has gone ill.. so no night off for me :'( sorry again for the late notice..Love you!!! Remember...Valentines...go out have fun, let your hair down!!!!! xoxo

After a while of deliberating i decide i should go out, i had got dressed up anyway..I grab my bag, purse, keys and leave quickly before i change my mind.


Whilst waling down Kings Street towards Covent Garden...I realised it was snowing..great i dont have a jacket, good thinking Mollie! I begin to look around for a cab, i've had enough anyways! Suddenly i'm knocked off my feet! Did I slip, what just happened?!

"I'm so sorry love, must not of been looking" the mysterious stranger said as he helped me up from the pavement.

"Oh, no that's fine, I wasn't looking either" I say checking myself over, seeming fine i look up to the stranger who's accent seemed very familiar...i'm blown away by who's standing in front of me.... it's Harry Styles. His green eyes pierced into mine, gosh they are beautiful.. and his normal messy curly do was the same as ever! He was even more gorgeous in person.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked with a cheeky smile, probably wondering why i'm starting at him like I am.

I stare at him a bit longer......"Yes, absolutely fine....I'm sorry for asking but your ... your not who I think you are... are you??" 

"It depends... who do you think I am?!" He said smirking down at me..obviously trying to be cheeky.

"Are you seriously asking me that?!"

He laughs...."Yes"

Right I can play his game I thought to myself.

"Well your Louis right from One Direction" I say with a tiny smile on my face trying not to give much away... I can't believe i'm flirting with HARRY STYLES!

His smile widens. "Good one, well since you already know my name...what's yours?'

"Mollie" he pulls out his hand from his jacket and shakes my hand....I laugh.

"Nice to meet you...Mollie"

Our eyes deepen into each other...I begin to shiver.

"How rude of me here, have my jacket" Harry said begging to shrug of his black duffel coat.

"Oh,no that's okay i should be getting home anyways" 

"Well at least let my drive you home, my car is just over there, i was one my way home too" signalling to a shiny black range rover, parked up on the pavement across the street. Wow.

"Well, if it's not to much trob...

"Nonsense" Harry said cutting my off.

"Thank you, that's very kind"

"It's the least i can do, i did knock you off your feet" we both laugh, i begin to follow him to the car...Harry opens the passenger seat for me like a true gentlemen...then hops into the divers seat and starts the engine.

The car ride to my apartment was mostly in silence, but I wasn't uncomfortable. I look in the rear view mirror and see Harry looking at me... really staring. Turing my head to look at him I all of a sudden feel nervous, Harry smiles at my and turns back to the road. I laugh softly to myself and look down at my now very scuffed boots.

"What's so funny" Harry asks me as we stop from the traffic

"Nothing.. I was just thinking...don't you have something better to do than drive me home on a saturday night?" 

"No, i'm enjoying myself, I like being able to sit hear with you, not speaking and it being perfectly comfortable"Harry rests his hand on my leg.... "I like you"

I laugh and detach my eyes from his...."Drive styles"

"Shit" he said realising all the beeping going on behind us ..... we both burst out laughing.

Harry pulls up to the pavement in front of my building, he shuts of the engine and turns to face me.

"What are you doing tomorrow night?" he asks. I relise tomorrow was valentines.

"Ummm tomorrow's valentines" I question him.

A big smile spread over Harry's face...."Yes, it is"

"I don't like valentines... I was just planning on snuggling up in bed with my Made in Chelsea boxset" I confessed.

"Well as fun as that sounds, I would really like to take you out" Harry says replacing his hand back on my leg. Butterflys run through me. i take in a deep breath....

"Like a date?" I ask.

"Yes, like a date"

"Okay" I say surprised buy what i've just been asked. Me and Harry switch numbers, he kisses me on the cheek as i get out of the car.

"Wait, what about the paparazzi?" i ask before Harry sped away.

"I'm game if you are" he say giving me a cheeky wink before speeding down the road. 



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