It Started With A Call

Grace Thompson is a 17 year old girl that lives in Chicago. Well, she lived a normal life until she finds out her mother dies on the way home from work, which causes to move to London with her Dad. Trying to dial her best friend's number in shock and worry, she accidentally dials the one and only, Niall Horan. The two become great friends over the phone, and eventually fall in love after meeting each other face to face. But Grace finds something about her dad that she never knew before. Her dad becomes furious and as punishment for finding out, he does something tragic to Grace. Grace starts living a horrible life, and is trapped inside a world of abuse and hunger. Niall and the boys get suspicious from all the marks on her body, but Grace is forbidded from telling anyone. What will she do? Will Niall find out?


3. Landing, Dad, and... Louis Tomlinson!?

Me and Eleanor finally got off the plane after getting in trouble with the same flight attendant. I saw a picture of Justin Bieber on a 4 year olds shirt and I kinda screamed again. Maybe just a bit louder. 




Anyway, Eleanor and I were just waiting for my dad and the god. Not really a god, but a perfect god. 


Ok. Ok. Ok. 


I meant Louis Tomlinson. 


But I can't help it he's hot and has abbs and his blue eyes...


"Grace! Ew! You're hitting on my boyfriend! I can't help it you're single!" Squealed an amused Eleanor. Shoot did I just say that out loud? She wasn't supposed to hear that! But what if I get to meet him and we grow old and have babies...


"Grace! yes I did hear that! And that was too much information..."


I blushed furiously and covered my face with my hands. Why did I always do this? Eleanor grinned evily. 


"So you would rather 'do it' with Louis? Ok then. I know now. It's okay. I know Louis is hot and all...but he's mine." She smirked and waggled her eyebrows.


I just chuckled nervosly. ""


She smirked smugly to herself as she tried to look for Louis in the crowd. She suddenly squealed as she jumped on a tall figure as she wrapped her arms ands legs around him/her. I guessed that it was Louis because I saw a tear stream down her face and then she locked lips with him. I saw him tickle her as she giggled and hugged him tighter. Oh and did I mention there were 97573199138 teenagers screaming and crying? 


"PDA! PDA! PDA!" I yelled at both of them. They were a few meters away from me, and Eleanor pulled away from the kiss and walked toward me, dragging poor, confused Louis behind her. She swam through the huge crowds of teenage girls, who were enjoying Louis freaking Tomlinson and his girlfriend Eleanor who is pefect Calder trying to walk through them. She finally reached me and grinned from ear to ear. I guessed Louis had that effect on people, making them happy just when he talks to him. She pulled out a Sharpie marker out from her purse and grabbed my hand that was filled with bracelets. She quickly jotted down 2 phone numbers on my hand as I squirmed under the felt tip of the marker that tickled the top of my hand.



"Call me!" She yelled as she and Louis were dragged down the airport by a security gaurd.



"I will! Bye El!" I yelled back, a grin on my face.



I looked down at my hands and read what she put down. 



                                               Eleanor: 1-773-691-7902

                                               Louis: (since you think he's hot) 1-773-982-4610



I laughed silently. That girl is a little crazy.


Ring. My phone rang, indicating I had a message.


Nialler: Hey Grace! how ya doin? Heard u were cumin t london! cant wait!


I smiled softly. He was so cute. Quickly, I typed a reply.


Grace: Hello Niall! I'm doing fine, and yeah I'm actually in London right now!


I sent the message, turned and spotted my dad.



"Dad!" I squealed, running to him.



"Grace!" He said hugging me tightly, his warm scent filled my nostrils.



"I've missed you! How has London been?"



"I missed you too, and London's amazing. I'll have to take you on a tour around here sometime."



"Thats great Dad!" 



I guess we were both avoiding the subject on both of our minds. It was kind of awkward since we haven't seen each other in months. We walked out of the airport and quietly made our way to my new home.





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