It Started With A Call

Grace Thompson is a 17 year old girl that lives in Chicago. Well, she lived a normal life until she finds out her mother dies on the way home from work, which causes to move to London with her Dad. Trying to dial her best friend's number in shock and worry, she accidentally dials the one and only, Niall Horan. The two become great friends over the phone, and eventually fall in love after meeting each other face to face. But Grace finds something about her dad that she never knew before. Her dad becomes furious and as punishment for finding out, he does something tragic to Grace. Grace starts living a horrible life, and is trapped inside a world of abuse and hunger. Niall and the boys get suspicious from all the marks on her body, but Grace is forbidded from telling anyone. What will she do? Will Niall find out?


5. Introductions?






















I think my ears are bleeding. I was standing at the door listening to (I think) Louis and Liam bicker about who got to get the remote first. Who would imagine that Louis and Liam have such loud voices? All I want for them was to be quiet. I wasn't in the mood for anything. For god's sake my mother died a weeks ago and I'm not in the mood for anything.  I just needed some time alone instead of meeting bigheaded, egoistic, and loud celebrities. I groaned internally as I walked into the room. I saw Liam holding the remote over his head like a prized trophy while sitting on top of a struggling Louis. From my point of veiw, it looked really innapropriate. Time to fake it and act optimistic.


I fake gasped."Don't rape each other! Rape is illegal!" I stared wide-eyed at the two as all the attention was grabbed to the random girl standing right in front of them. I was too stupid to realize that all 5 members of One Direction were here, plus Eleanor and a girl with really curly hair. 


Oh joy. I just walked in, and I'm embarrasing myself in front of people I didn't know yet.


All eyes are on me, as everyone sat in silence. Until laughter broke the silence. I looked into the direction of the laughter, realizing it was none other than Niall's. I smiled; he was so cute. The way those baby blue eyes sparkled whenever he smiled, and the way how he was so carefree about everyth-


What am I doing? I can't fall for someone I've been talking to for about 3 1/2 weeks over the phone. 


Soon, more laughter exploded throughout the spacious room, interupting my thoughts about the blonde haired cutie. 


Wait, what? Cutie? Am I going crazy or...


"GRACE! YAY!" All the boys yelled as they leaped on their feet, Louis being trampled beneath them. He sprang up following the boys as they rushed to hug me as if they had known me for months. They hugged me tightly, and when I say tightly, I mean it. They squished my lungs as they squeezed me to death and stepped back to admire their handiwork of squishing me.


"I-I think you stopped my blood circulation..." I said shyly as I rubbed my arms to soothe them. This sent the boys into fits of laughter. They laughter died down as they all started to intorduce themselves to me. The curly haired guy smirked walking towards me, his hand extended to my petite body. I decided to call him "Curly" since I wasnt very good with names.


I shook it, but felt a little worried when he had this mischevious grin on his face. His green eyes shined with admiration. "You know, I may not be Fred Flinstone..." He paused, smirk going wider, dimples getting deeper. "But...I can make your bed rock."


I stood there, shocked. Is this kid crazy or something? I blushed deeply. 


"Aww GraciePoo. Did Harry throw a tomato at your face?" Eleanor chuckled, reaching into hug me. I wrapped my arms around her as I glared at Curly. "I don't even know you." I told him, trying to look confident. Everyone else was turning red from laughing.


"I'm Harry, your new husband." said Curly.


"I'm already married. Sorry Harry." I shot back, smiling to myself. I put my hands behind my back and slipped my ring from my right hand to my left hand, where my fourth finger met my knuckle to make the fact that I was already married believable.


He looked shocked."Really? Youre married? Aren't you a little to young?"


"Whats wrong? Jealous?"A small smile creeped on my face as I waited for his reaction.


He blushed."No... Uh..Here. The boys would like to introduce themselves to you." He pushed the boys towards me as I chuckled at his stupidy. Niall smiled and stepped forward, extending his hand towards my petite body. 


"Hey Grace, nice to finally meet you."


I took his hand as I felt a weird sensation bubbling in my stomach. Suddenly pulled me in a hug, which lasted a little bit to long. Not that I'm complaining or anything. 


The boys all did there introductions and we all settled into the living room. I learned that the curly haired girl was Danielle, who was dating Liam, who had the shaved head. The mysterious mexican with the mohawk like hair was Zayn, who was dating my idol, Perrie Edwards, I absolutely adore her by the way. The loud one was Louis, 'Curly" was Harry (who was a flirt by the way) and, the Irish one was Niall.


"So Grace.." Louis said, eyeing me.


"Why do I have a feeling you're about to do something bad?"


He grinned. "We're just gonna play 21 questions, if you'd like."


"Sure. You go first."


"What's your favorite color?"


"Definitely purple. What's yours?"




We kept on asking each other simple questions, until he asked me something that made me blush.


"Why do you like my abbs? Like Eleanor had said on twitter?"


"What? How do you know that's my twitter?"


"Sorry, love. You just told me."


"Can we just continue our game?"


"Sure. But you didn't answer my question."


I blushed, and I guess that's all the reply that he needed. 


"Oh! Because you think I'm hot! And you love my abbs!" I was starting to think he was doing this on purpose.


I blushed even more, and the laughter that floated around me wasn't making things better.


"My turn. Who would you date if you were a girl?"


"My Hazza Bear of course!" He ran across the room, and jumped into Harry's lap.


"Oh, BooBear my love. I missed thee so much!"


"Oh I know how thee feels! Such a long journey I had to take to thee across thy room."


"Oh my lord. I am sorry for thee." Harry replied they both started to fake make out. 


"You guys should be in soap operas." I stated as I raised my eyebrow at there failed attempt in Old English.


"You love us." Harry said cheekily.




"So Grace. Are you a virgin?"


"What?" I blushed AGAIN. This boy was using my blushing as an advantage. Louis laughed. 


"I know you are, I just wanted to embarrass you."


"How did you-"




"I'm done with both of you." 


Niall laughed, and for the first time I noticed that he was sitting next to me. I leaned to his ear and whispered. 


"Are Lou and Harry gay?"


I felt him shiver under my touch and I smirked. I used this moment to whisper more things into his ear, since everyone else was immersed into their conversations.  


"Are you sure, Niall? They seem to be in a relationship. Louis has a girlfriend though, and I'm kinda confused." I made sure to whisper extra quietly into his ear to add more to the effect. 




I chuckled, proud that I had that effect on him. 



We finished talking, laughing, and joking around until my dad called me home. It was a fun night actually and I got used to those crazy boys and Danielle. She was really sweet. 


I parked my Dad's car in the garage and went inside the house. 


I undresses quickly and dove into bed. I was exhausted, and I think I gained a six pack from all the laughing I had done today. The liss with Niall, I have to admit, was amazing. I actually enjoyed it, and I suddenly blushed when I thought about it.  I wasn't sure about anything I was going to do tomorrow or the next day but I was sure of one thing.









I was falling for a certain blue-eyed blond irishman. 

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