It Started With A Call

Grace Thompson is a 17 year old girl that lives in Chicago. Well, she lived a normal life until she finds out her mother dies on the way home from work, which causes to move to London with her Dad. Trying to dial her best friend's number in shock and worry, she accidentally dials the one and only, Niall Horan. The two become great friends over the phone, and eventually fall in love after meeting each other face to face. But Grace finds something about her dad that she never knew before. Her dad becomes furious and as punishment for finding out, he does something tragic to Grace. Grace starts living a horrible life, and is trapped inside a world of abuse and hunger. Niall and the boys get suspicious from all the marks on her body, but Grace is forbidded from telling anyone. What will she do? Will Niall find out?


4. Eleanor's Invitation

* A few weeks later, after Grace has settled in London *

"How's talking to Niall going? Is he nice to you?"


"It's going great actually. He's really sweet."


"So you guys Skype everyday or something?"


"Uh..yeah we Skype and text eachother." I confessed with a blush.


"You obviously like him. I can almost hear you blush over the phone."


"El! I'm not blushing."


"I've known you for a while now, I can tell when you're blushing."


"Ugh. Fine."


"Oh! Grace!"


"Yes Eleanor?"


"Since you've been here for more than a month, you're coming over later to my house." Eleanor stated.


"Uh...says who?"


"Says me. Around 6:30? That's okay right. Hmm. Yes it is." She said, debating with herself.


Me and El were talking over the phone talking about random stuff, and we suddenly were best friends. This girl is litterally crazy, but I love her. 


"Grace should get ready now. It's 6:00. Oh, maybe she'll get dressed once I tell One Direction is coming and Danielle too... hmm. Probably not. I won't tell her. It's a secret."








"Hun, you're gorgeous ok. You better come, or else."


"Or else what?"


"I'll tell the boys you like Louis."


"They don't even know me, so I don't care that much."


"I have 2 words for you. Check your twitter."


"That's 9..."




I scrolled through twitter on my MacBook until I recieved a mention. I clicked on it, and waited for the screen to load.



@EleanorJCalder: @GraceBieber fancies @LouisTomlinson so much, even though she has seen him once. She also said she would love to have a little fun with him. If you know what I mean (;  (She's also highly interested with his face and abbs.)


Guess who's screaming so loud into the phone so Eleanor can become deaf?


If you guessed me, you are absolutely correct.


"If you come I'll delete the tweet, if you don't come, I'm keeping it up forever."


"I'll come! What should I wear?"


"Something casual and cute." 


I screamed frustrated into the phone. 


"Oh hush. See you there."


"Ok..Im scared."


"Don't be, bye."




I think by the time I reach the door I'll go into a cardiac arrest and just faint right in front of them.


My MacBook dinged, indicating I had a new Twitter mention. I clicked on my mentions and discovered Louis replied to the tweet El posted about me fanciyng Louis:


  @Louis_Tomlinson: @EleanorJCalder haha! Tell her I said hi, and I already have the most beautiful girl in the world as a girlfriend :) love you babe xxxxxxxx



Oh lord. I was so embarrased. What would he say when I see him? Will he know it's me? Oh well. 






Bad thing to use in a situation like this. 



I plugged my headphones into my iPod and started playing Justin Bieber's album, My World. I was obsessed with Justin Bieber, so dont scream in pain when I put his songs on replay. Just a reminder. I walked out the door in my "casual and cute" clothes, as El said. I didn't have a car yet, but I did drive. I stood for a moment, debating whether I could or could not take me Dad's car. I shrugged, running to the car, hoping he wouldnt mind If I got into an accident and broke his car. I chuckled with glee, as I realized that I was going to meet One Direction. 






I started driving down the  London roads that were still unfamiliar to me, my head spinning as the thoughts of my mother took over my mind.




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this was basically a filller, sorry i am having major writers block, and Ill hopefull upload sometime soon :) 


Nora xx

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