It Started With A Call

Grace Thompson is a 17 year old girl that lives in Chicago. Well, she lived a normal life until she finds out her mother dies on the way home from work, which causes to move to London with her Dad. Trying to dial her best friend's number in shock and worry, she accidentally dials the one and only, Niall Horan. The two become great friends over the phone, and eventually fall in love after meeting each other face to face. But Grace finds something about her dad that she never knew before. Her dad becomes furious and as punishment for finding out, he does something tragic to Grace. Grace starts living a horrible life, and is trapped inside a world of abuse and hunger. Niall and the boys get suspicious from all the marks on her body, but Grace is forbidded from telling anyone. What will she do? Will Niall find out?


6. Does He Like Me Back?

So, I was stuck again at the One Direction household. I've grown very close to the boys, Danielle, and Eleanor, but my Dad doesn't like it one bit. I've started lying to my Dad and telling him I would be going to a friends house of the same gender, but in reality I'd just go to the boys. I've known them for a month and a few weeks now, and I've been in London for 2 months and a few weeks. But I've grown incredibly close to the Niall...


Right now, we were all sitting in the living room deciding on what movie to watch, and Liam and Louis are arguing once agian.


"I SAY WE WATCH GREASE." Louis yelled, his face inching closer and closer towards Liam's. 


"NO WE'RE WATCHING TOY STORY!" Liam yelled back, his forehead creased with anger.


Louis tried to growl but failed, laughing hysterically.


"You two fight like an old couple." I remarked, raising my eyeborws at them.


Soon, Liam joined Louis, and they just stood there in front of the T.V., laughing their heads off and slapping there thighs.


"How about we ignore them?" I said.


"That's the best idea." Zayn said."Let's make a vote on what movie to watch. Paranormal Activity? Or The Vow?"


Everyone cheered for Paranormal Activity 4, while I sat there horrified. 


Danielle and Harry smirk, looking at me knowing how scared I looked. 


"Whats's wrong Gracie? You scared?" Eleanor taunted. 


" Not at all. Pssh. Me? Scared? I'm brave."


Louis was still laughing head off as he looked at me. "Prove it. Prove that you're not a chicken." He laughed like a drunk guy,"Make out with Niall during the movie!" Liam laughed and they continued being annoying. 


I blushed, and turned my head to the blonde sitting next to me. He also blushed, and from the corner of my eye I saw Harry giving Niall looks. He was sending him messages from his facial expressions. Niall nodded in agreement to whatever Harry was saying and smiled sheepishly. 


"What? What are you saying?" I asked curiously.


"Oh nothing." Niall spoke.


Zayn jumped up and tried to insert the CD inside the DVD player."This won't fit in! It's so hard!"


I laughed hysterically. "That's what she said!" I cried out. 


Zayn glared in my direction. "Just stick it in."


"Ew Zayn. Um. we're just friends though!" I replied cheekily.


"You know what I mean. It's hard to put in."


I laughed even harder but got up and walked over to insert the CD in. 


Everyone gathered closer to the T.V. and I covered my eyes. 


"Grace! Don't be a chicken!' Louis said, wagging his finger at me.


"I'm not a chicken!"


"Prove it. Watch the movie." 


"Fine." I grumbled and put my fingers away from my eyes. (A/N: hdjismarytrl im aboslutely terrified of horror movies ok dont judge me i dont know any scenes from PA 4)  


I screamed when a bloody face popped up onto the screen with sickly pale green eyes.


Niall scooted closer to me, swinging an arm around my shoulder and pulling me to his chest. I blushed at the movement, but I rested my head against his chest. "It's going to be alright. None of it is real."




Another bloody scene came up and I screamed again. I buried my face in Niall's chest. He smelled nice. Like a really fancy and expensive cologne that I couldnt put my finger on.


"You alright?" He asked.


"Im fine."


"It doesnt seem like it. You scream every second." 


"Don't mind me. I'll just sit here."


"Ok." He turned his face back to the screen. I tried watching the movie, but scary movies aren't really my taste, and Niall was such a distraction. 





A beautiful distraction.




Ok, I have to admit, he's beyond adorable. And I've never had a boyfriend before and I like Niall very much. I've also never had my first kiss. I'm almost 18. Talk about embarassing. Well, no one has to find out now do they...


Another gross scene came up on the t.v, and I try not to scream. It's really gross. I buried my face deeper into his shirt while trying to ignore everyone. While I'm at it, I think I'll find out which cologne he uses. 


Gosh I'm really crazy aren't I?




"Your turn Grace! Truth or Dare?" Harry yelled.


After the movie, (or cuddling and smelling Niall in my case) the boys, Danielle, Eleanor, and I decided to play Truth or Dare. Unfortunately, it's my turn so I decided to take the risk and chose dare.


Louis' face brightened, and he eagerly ushered Harry closer to him. They started whispering, and they giggled like little school girls. 


"Ok Grace. Harry has the daaare for youuu." Louis sing-songed with a develish smirk fixed upon his face. 


I nervously chuckled, and started picking the lint on my jeans."Ok. Fine with me?" It came out more like a question than a reply.


"Grace. I dare you..." Harry started, looking me in the eye and chuckled."You're going to kill me, but I dare you to..." 


"Do what?" I asked.


"C'mon Harry! The suspense is killing me." Zayn laughed, knowing it was something good.


Harry and Louis laughed before Harry composed himslef and said,"To kiss Niall."


I gasped, and swallowed a lump the size of Canada. 


"For 10 seconds." he finished, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning back.


Eleanor and Danielle giggled. "Grace can never back down on a dare."


"Hey...Never Say Never!" I exclaimed, trying to steer the subject away from me."You Justin Bieber?"


"We know Gracie. Now kiss Niall." Liam said, obviously impatient.


I turned and faced the Irish boy who was blushing this whole time. We leaned closer and closer and I heard Liam say."10 seconds."




10 inches.








I finally felt the touch of his lips on mine as our mouths moved in sync. My heart raced with every movement Niall took and fireworks exploded in my stomach. He put his hands at my waist as I put mine at his neck, playing with the ends of his hair as he deepened the kiss. I blushed realizing the boys were watching us and Niall pulled away, realizing too. 


"Woah..." Danielle muttered to Eleanor."They really do like each other."


"No we don't!" Niall and I said in unison. 


Eleanor giggled."If you don't, then please explain to me why you were kissing for 30 seconds striaght."


Niall scratched the back of his head, biting his lip."Uhhh.."


"I don't know." I admited, shrugging.


Woah. We kissed for 30 seconds? It didn't seem that long. I think I'm going to scream. 


"My turn!" I said, trying to change the subject."Danielle! Truth or Dare?"




We continued playing Truth or Dare for the rest of the day until Niall complained he was hungry. We all sat around the table and started eating the food Harry cooked. After everyone finished eating my dad called me and said I had to go. Right before I reached the door, Harry grabbed my arm. 


"Yes Mr. Styles?"


"I have to tell you something."




"C'mere." He said and pulled me outside.


"Hurry Harry, my dad's waiting for me."


"Well, let's play a quick Truth or Dare."


I looked at him, confused."I have to go. We don't have time for Truth or Dare."


"Come on Grace. I promise it won't take long."




"Truth or Dare?"




He smiled."Awesome. Exactly what I wanted you to pick."




"Don't worry. I don't kill people."


I snickered. "You look like a 12 year old. Im not scared of you."


"You're so mean!"


"Ok. Ok. Ok. Sorry. What's the truth?"


He hesitated and look me in the eye."Tell the absolute truth. Do you like Niall?"




"Don't worry. I won't tell."




I suddenly felt like I could trust Harry. I mean if he told Niall, then Niall would just laugh at me and think I was crazy. And I'd be super super embarrased. I mean it's not like I have a chance with Niall anyways. We're just friends and he's basically a millionare and he's famous and can get any girl he wanted. And then there's me, Grace Ashley Thompson, normal 17 year old girl who-


Wait. I'm not normal. But you get the idea.


"I promise."


"Well..." I blushed."I do. A little." Nope actually Harry I like him. A lot. 


A reassuring smile crossed his face."I thought so."


"Huh? Please explain. Confused girl right here."


"First of all, The way he looks at you. The way you look at him. Second of all, the flirty texts you've been sending each other for the past month-"


"Wait what? How did you-"




"That girl. She's cray."


"But she's helpful for information." He winked. "Such as you being a virgin-"


"Shh! Ok, I get the idea. No need to repeat that. Continue on."


"And the way you two kissed."




"Tell me I'm right."


I sighed dramatically."Yes dear Harry. You are correct."


"I knew it!"


"You win 5,000,000 dollars!" I sarcastically waved my arms in the air with a phony smile on my face.




I smiled. "I have to go, Harold."


"Ok."He replied."See you tomorrow."


"Bye." I turned around and started climbing down the stairs when Harry jumped.


"Oh! Oh! I almost forgot!"


I turned back around to the boy who was grinning like a Chesire cat. "Why are you smiling like that?"


"Guess what?"




"Niall likes you too!"


"He does?"


"Yes! He told me about  2 weeks ago."


"Are you serious Harry? Better not be joking or you'll pay for it later."


"I'm serious! You guys make the perfect couple!"


"Omg! He actually likes me?"


"For the billionth time, yes!"


"Yeah!" I cheered, throwing my arms around Harry."Thanks."


He hugged me back. "You're welcome, love. Make sure to get home safely!"


I skipped down the stairs like a rabbit on crack and tripped at the last step, grinning from ear to ear."I will!" I called over my shoulder, skipping down the street as Harry shut the door. My Dad found a scratch I made on his car so I was forbbided to use that agian. But walking was still nice, especially when it's almost dark. I hummed 'Kiss Me' by Ed Sheeran as I reached my new home. I opened the door and decided to see what my dad was up to.


"Dad?" I called, shutting the door behind me. 


Whatever, I thought. I'm hungry.


I opened the fridge and to my suprise, I found more than 7 bottles of beer on the middle shelf. I gasped. Since when did my dad drink so much? 


I heard a loud burp in the living room and decided to check it out. 


"Dad?!" I cried, alarmed at the sight in front of me. 


My dad was sprawled across the couch, surrounded by 5-6 beer bottles. His clothes were raggedy and torn from a few places, and the bags in his eyes the same color as the sky. His eyes were bloodshot, and he burped every few minutes. It looked like he had been crying, and he lazily stared at the t.v. in front of him. But at the sound of my voice, my dad angrily shot up from the couch and glared at me.


He suddenly didn't look tired anymore."Grace Ashey Thompson."


Whenever my Dad says my full name, it means I'm in trouble. I wonder what I did this time.


I looked up at him, confused."Y-yeah, Dad?" 


The glares he was giving me didn't help the nervousness rising up in my body.


"It's. All. Your. Fault."He gritted through his teeth. 





This won't go well.





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