Lovely memories....

Hannah is just an average 18 year old girl who once was a girlfriend to Harry Styles.Well you know before he was even famous.Now she stands heart broken because of a single word."bye"she won't forget that heart breaking moment where she accidentally said bye not knowing it was a false bye.Now she wants to find him again and ask him for a second chance.................after all she still loves him.So what do you think will happen?Will she be able to find him?or will she suffer the tears 24/7??>................................


1. set up

Hannah's P.O.V


I wake up to the chattering of the party people all up in my living room helping to decorate.I sit up and rub my forehead as i sigh looking out the window to the sun lighted streets."where could he be?"i ask myself looking out.I nod my head no and just roll out of the warm covers.

When im done getting dressed and fixed up,i run downstairs where all the eyes suddenly turn onto me."oh,good morning love"my mother said running up to me and kissing my cheek with her minty breath."hey mum"i reply with a short smile.

I start helping the people decorate the place because tonight is my cousins birthday and idk why it had to be in my house when there place was perfectly great,more space,prettier.!!

When i've done all the hanging and cutting,i decide to sit down in the bench in front of my house."oh harry i can never take my mind off you."i sob through the tears that slowly fall on my plaid sweats.I shake my head no and then i see a car pass by with a poster sticked on the side and it shows a picture of harry smiling.

That just makes it worse because my tears develop again.I look at the ground and have all these flashbacks that me and him would have,like once at 9:38 p.m. we were at the beach and it started raining,we kissed in the pure rain lovely memorie that was....................................


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