Feel Again

Her life wasn't typical. She wasn't "living the dream." She didn't get what she deserved, and someone finally realized that. They helped, but she still wasn't healed. I only have one piece of advice. Watch out for what you do, because the past will haunt you.


2. Sooner Than She Thought

When Winter got up she was met with a blinding fluorescent light shining in her eyes. She groaned, reaching for her head-as it was hurting badly- and she realized her hands were tied together. She tried to recall what had happened the day before, and why she might be tied up in her ragged bedroom. The events of the day before slowly came back. Starting with staring at her barely clothed, bruised, bloodied body in a dirty, glass mirror. To smashing it to bits. To cutting herself so deeply she had to see it back up. To finding her sister over-dosed lying on their bathroom floor. To going to the train station. To being rude to the boy who was probably just trying to help. And then lastly, to standing up to her mother. The more and more she thought about it the tears and heavy sobs canes out faster and harder. She tried to think of things that would make her stop crying. Like when before all of this happened. When they were infants. She only had one memory of good times before everything had turned into darkness. She was a baby, but not too young to forget. Her mother was holding her, and she actually looked happy. And her mother had said to her "Winter, you're strong. You'll make it through everything you'll go through. And you'll be OK." And then her dad, her real dad, came and put his hand on mum's shoulder looking over at the baby Winter. Then little one-year-old Symphony came over giggling with cake icing on her face.
It's funny now if you really think about it. That one man could cause so much hurt in one family. I guess her daddy just didn't know how round the bend her mum really was. And also the words her mum had told her. It seems almost like she knew she would end up doing all of these terrible things to her baby girl. Though she probably never thought that this would happen.
Winter looked up and saw that 'he' had dragged Symmy's dead body into their bedroom now too. She burst out into thick sighs and melancholy tears yet again at the sight of her sister. How had they not gotten caught for any of the things they had done? I think everyone is wondering this. I, in fact, wondered this too when I found out the full story. Still to this day I don't know why it took so long for these damned people to go to prison, but at least they're finally where they belong.
Her mum came into the room. She seemed sorry, and defenseless. Like she didn't know how all of this had happened, like she didn't believe that SHE had been the one to do all of this.
"Winter, I'm so..so sorry." She stuttered and was beginning to cry as well. "I never meant for any of this." She started untangling her daughters wrists from the bedpost, even though her hands were shaking violently. "Here. Go. Don't come back, you'll be better off...I'm so sorry.." Her mum said.
That was just how she was. She had spilt personality disorder. So pretty well, and alter ego, which was in charge most of the time. The true mother side only came out once in a blue moon.
Winter got up and ran to her sister's side, wishing she could bring her with. But there was no way. It was too late. Winter ran over to her drawers and pulled out a stocking full of money, looked at her sister one last time. And left. Not looking back.
When she was in the front yard she heard a loud banging noise and her mother screaming and shouting.
"WHERE DID SHE GO MIKE!? DID YOU FUCKING LET HER OUT?!" Mike was her male play-toy.
"No, I don't know where she went, I swear!" Another loud smashing noise. Winter was bawling her eyes out and running down the side of the street till her knees went out from under her and she collapsed. Luckily about 10 minutes later, a cab came rolling through the otherwise empty street. The driver must have seen her on the side of the road, because he stopped the car and got out.
"Please, don't hurt me.." Winter said in a whisper, unable to move her legs.
"Love, you'll be safe with me. I won't let anyone hurt you." He answered picking her up and laying her in the backseat of the cab. He got back into the drivers seat, and drove on in silence.


I am really, really sorry that these have been so short, I promise they will get longer. I'll update soon, it's just hard with school and I usually write these at like 11 at night. So goodnight love anyone who loves this book! <3
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