Just love me again (sequel to I'm broken do you hear me)

This is a sequel to I'm broken do you hear me. Read the first book first please. So in this one it's basically the same thing Rachel and Niall are fighting. Well If you don't want to read the first book there's a girl named Rachel and Niall they were dating then broke up because he cheated with Demi Lovato then they got back together then Rachel and Niall had a daughter then Niall cheated again and they broke up for 6 years then got back together and then on Christmas Demi told Niall the he got her pregnant. Recently she cut herself with a blade really deep and everything went black and that's where we left off.


6. What?!

Harry's POV
I woke up this morning to find Rachel beside me. She was just waking up. "Harry can I tell you something?" She asked. "Anything." I said. "My name is actually Makenzie." She said. "Can I call you Makenzie?" I asked. "Yes." She answered. We got dressed. Me and Rac-- I mean Makenzie were falling apart. I don't feel the spark in beetween us.
Makenzie's POV
I was really happy to be with Harry. I got dressed and walked outside and surpised to see Niall and Arianna making out in the hall. I just turned away heartbroken I hounestly still,felt something for him. But more for Harry. Just then Harry comes up to me. "Makenzie?" He asks. "Yes?" I say. "We're over." He says as he walks away. "Why?" I ask. "You know how the first time we kissed we felt something. I just don't feel it anymore." He said. I just ran outside the hotel running anywhere but there. I went to the beach and sat on the sand. What just happened? Does he not like my name? That would be retarded. Just then someone came to sit beside me. "Hi." I heard a Irish accent speak. I knew that voice anywhere. "Hi." I said. "What's going on?" Niall asked. "Harry broke up with me." I said. "Oh." Niall said. "So are you and Arianna a thing now?" I asked sadly. "Of course not. She just grabbed me and started kissing me earlier." He explained. I felt 10 times better knowing that. "Oh. Niall I still haven't broke our promise..." I trailed off. "This time if we date again, I won't break up with you no matter what." I said. "Ok. So we're dating again?" He asked. "Yes." I said. I'm happy I'm with him again. "You know I don't think I'll ever stop loving you." I said. "I don't think I'll ever stop loving you. I haven't yet." He said. "Neither have I." I said. "Want to go back to the hotel now?" Niall asked. "Yes." I said. We walked back hand in hand happier than ever.
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