Just love me again (sequel to I'm broken do you hear me)

This is a sequel to I'm broken do you hear me. Read the first book first please. So in this one it's basically the same thing Rachel and Niall are fighting. Well If you don't want to read the first book there's a girl named Rachel and Niall they were dating then broke up because he cheated with Demi Lovato then they got back together then Rachel and Niall had a daughter then Niall cheated again and they broke up for 6 years then got back together and then on Christmas Demi told Niall the he got her pregnant. Recently she cut herself with a blade really deep and everything went black and that's where we left off.


3. THE BAHAMAS! And important authors note.

Niall's POV 4 weeks later
We're at the airport getting ready to leave for the Bahamas. We're finding out where everyone was sitting. Of course I'm sitting beside Harry & Rachel. They are STILL dating. I still love her so much. She doesn't love me... She loves Harry. "I know you don't want to sit beside Hachel on the plane. Trade spots?" Arianna asked. I wanted to see Rachel but not Hachel (Harry and Rachel) "nah. I'm good." I said. Arianna kept staring at me. I WASN'T in to her, at all. We all got on the plane. Rachel and Harry sat down.
Rachel's POV
"I get to sit beside my 2 favourite boys!" I said cheerfully. I kissed them both on the cheek.
*9 hours later.* I just woke up. Me and Harry were sleeping. We were going to land in like 10 minutes. I got out my phone. I went on twitter. I saw a picture from @LouisTomlinson the picture is me and Harry sleeping together. On the post it said "just get married already?" I would. 10 minutes later we landed. I woke up Harry and Niall. "LETS GO!" I yelled. "How are we going to get to the hotel?" Louis asked. "Babe. It's not at far away we'll walk!" Vanessa said. We started walking to the hotel me and Harry hand in hand. We finally got there. "GUYS THERE IS FOUR ROOMS!" Louis yelled. "Me & Arianna can take 1." I said. "Me and Danielle!" Liam said. "Me and Louis!" Vanessa said. "Me and Zayn!" Perrie said. "Niall and Harry." We said. "That won't go well. Arianna go with Smiler Nialler. Harry come with me." I said. "All set!" I said. We all went to our rooms. It was like 2am so we were tired. "Lets go cuddle." Harry said. Just then we heard a knock at our door. It was Arianna and Niall. "There's only 4 rooms. We don't have one..." Arianna said.I thought
"There is a pull-out couch in every room. Go pick somewhere to go." They both walked off and I changed and sat into my bed. Harry came down next to me. "I love you." I said. "I love you too." Then we fell asleep.
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