Just love me again (sequel to I'm broken do you hear me)

This is a sequel to I'm broken do you hear me. Read the first book first please. So in this one it's basically the same thing Rachel and Niall are fighting. Well If you don't want to read the first book there's a girl named Rachel and Niall they were dating then broke up because he cheated with Demi Lovato then they got back together then Rachel and Niall had a daughter then Niall cheated again and they broke up for 6 years then got back together and then on Christmas Demi told Niall the he got her pregnant. Recently she cut herself with a blade really deep and everything went black and that's where we left off.


9. Forever and always

Makenzie's POV
I was 76 now. Niall would be 76 too but he died 5 years ago from a heart attack. I miss him. Ellie is at my house now and we're sitting on the couch sitting at the fireplace drinking hot chocolate. I was holding a picture of me and Niall from our wedding jumping in the pool. God I miss him. Ellie's looking at baby pictures. We were both crying. "I really miss him,mum." Ellie said. "I miss him too." I said. "He made me so happy." I said. These last 5 years have been hard without Niall. This love lasts forever and always.
Authors note
That's the end. Might start a new story.
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