Just love me again (sequel to I'm broken do you hear me)

This is a sequel to I'm broken do you hear me. Read the first book first please. So in this one it's basically the same thing Rachel and Niall are fighting. Well If you don't want to read the first book there's a girl named Rachel and Niall they were dating then broke up because he cheated with Demi Lovato then they got back together then Rachel and Niall had a daughter then Niall cheated again and they broke up for 6 years then got back together and then on Christmas Demi told Niall the he got her pregnant. Recently she cut herself with a blade really deep and everything went black and that's where we left off.


2. Caught me...

Rachel's POV
Today me and Harry were going out. I missed Niall but I don't love him. I kept repeating that in my head. I don't love him. I don't love him. I don't love him. Before I know i I arrive at Harry's house. "Hey Harold!" I yelled. "Hello Rachel." He greeted me with a hug. "Lets to the carnival!" I yelped. "Alright lets go!" Harry said. We drove off and "marry you" Bruno mars came on. Harry blasted up the music. "It's a beautiful night we're looking for something dumb to do..." We sang; "hey baby. I think I wanna marry you." We sang pointing at each other when they said marry you. "You have a beautiful voice." Harry complemented. "Thanks Harry. You have a amazing one your self." I said. "Thank you." Harry said. We got to the carnival. "Want to go on some rides?" I asked. I got him to go on every ride even though he doesn't like rides. Music started playing and me and Harry were jumping around singing to it. We were having a blast. Harry went over to a game and came back with a huge teddy bear. "For you my dear." He said. "Thanks Harry" I said. He stared right into my eyes. Before I knew it me and Harry were kissing.
Niall's POV
I was wondering where Harry & Rachel were. I thought about it. Oh yeah they're probably at the carnival Rachel loves it there. I drove there and looked for them I hears a British accent say "for you my dear." That sounded like Harry. "Thanks Harry." A cute Irish voice said. I knew that voice anywhere it was Rachel. I walked over to them to see them...KISSING! I had a slushy in my hand. I walked over them and threw it at them and stormed off. What the hell? Why did I go with Demi? I hate myself for this. I loved Rachel and there's nothing else to it. I got in my car and drove home. As soon as I got home I ran into my room. Liam saw me. He knocked on the door. "Come in." Liam came in. "What's wrong? Where are they?" Liam asked. "They were at the carnival." I said. "And?" Liam asked. "Kissing." I finished. "You need to understand you cheated and she's angry." Liam spoke. "I know but.." I said. "I think we should all take a vacation together to get our minds off things." Liam said. "Where?" I asked. "The Bahamas." He replied. "We're in England. That's gonna take forever." I said. "Nobody cares." Liam said. We called everyone and asked them to come. We're going to the Bahamas!
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