Just love me again (sequel to I'm broken do you hear me)

This is a sequel to I'm broken do you hear me. Read the first book first please. So in this one it's basically the same thing Rachel and Niall are fighting. Well If you don't want to read the first book there's a girl named Rachel and Niall they were dating then broke up because he cheated with Demi Lovato then they got back together then Rachel and Niall had a daughter then Niall cheated again and they broke up for 6 years then got back together and then on Christmas Demi told Niall the he got her pregnant. Recently she cut herself with a blade really deep and everything went black and that's where we left off.


1. Hospital

Rachel's POV
I was just cutting myself then everything went completely black. When I woke up I saw 2 boys standing in front of me. One was Niall and one was Harry. "How are you?" Harry asked. "WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT RACHEL?" Niall said. Louis and Liam came and dragged Niall out, "I've been alright." I said starring into his deep green eyes. "Well once you get out of here would you like to come to the carnival with me to get your mind off things?" Harry asked. "Yes sure." I said. Then I shut my eyes again and once again everything went black. I was woken up to the sound of Harry yelling "WHAT THE HELL NIALL?" Harry had red slushy all over his face. "Can I have a towel and some water and soap?" I asked. Louis got it for me. I told Harry to come sit beside me and he did. I started getting off the slushy. "How do you know how to get this off so well?" Harry asked. "I used to get a slushy in my face everyday at school..." I trailed off. "If you don't mind me asking... Why?" He said. "Well when I was younger in high school I was always really fat and I had this thing wrong with my skin and it looked like hair and my boyfriend would make fun of me and he broke up with me by giving me a slushy in the face and said Lets make it unofficial fatty. Shave would you?" I explained with tears running down my cheeks. "I could treat you so much better." I heard a Irish voice whisper. "Niall. You cheated on me with the same girl twice and got her pregnant we're not getting back together. Ever." I said. "It's not fair..." He said. Then he left. "That was really dumb of him..." Harry said. "I know." I said. Then I went home and watched glee for a while and wanted to see Ellie I called Niall. "Can I come by and get my daughter?" I asked. "Our" he corrected." "To be clear there is no US and there will never be a US" I said. He hung up. I just broke up with him. AGAIN! Well at least I was going out with Harry tomorrow. That will take my mind off things....
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