Fiery Love

You see, I've always been a bit different. Never really fit, although I had my reasons. I kept to myself and never had friends, but I was fine with that. It makes it safer that way. I was happy to be a loner with my twin sister. Until one boy, who I never though would or could make a difference in my life, changed my mind.


2. Isabel Stone

Hello there! My name is Isabel Stone. I have pale blond, almost white, wavy hair, ice blue eyes, pale coral lips, and pale skin. My birthday is December 31, at 11:56 pm. I am 119 years old, but I look 19. I will look that way forever, because I am immortal. I have a twin sister, Charlie. She is 5 minutes older than me, although she is 120, and I am 119. I have a quite 'unique' family. We all have special powers that relate to the earth, and our looks and personality. I am the ice spirit, and I can control (sorta, not really) ice, and snow, and I can make it really cold. If I am really mad I can make it hail. Unfortunately I can't exactly control ice yet, when I get too sad or mad, the temperature goes crazy cold, and it starts snow, or hailing. Same thing happens with Charlie, only with fire. I'm the girl who sits in the back of the class, to scared to say anything, and hides her face with her hair. My sister and I are bullied at school, but I don't understand why. Charlie and I are both really into music. We both sing, but she writes songs, and I play the piano and the guitar. I really wish that I could have some really friends, other than Charlie. I mean she's a good friend and everything, but I want a friend who isn't related to me. And it would be cool to have a boyfriend. But I can't. Charlie already explained that to you. Bye!
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