Fiery Love

You see, I've always been a bit different. Never really fit, although I had my reasons. I kept to myself and never had friends, but I was fine with that. It makes it safer that way. I was happy to be a loner with my twin sister. Until one boy, who I never though would or could make a difference in my life, changed my mind.


1. Charlie Stone

Hi there. My name is Charlie Stone. I have thick, curly, firetruck red hair, coal black eyes, red lips, and pale skin. My birthday is January 1st, at 12:01 am. I am 120 years old, but I look 20. I look 20 forever. You see, I'm immortal. I have twin sister. My family is quite special. We all have unique powers. I am a fire spirit. I can control fire, well I'm learning to. We get our powers on our 13th birthday. I am not a complete master of my spirit yet, so if I get really upset or mad, I can lash out with fire and harm people. I am bullied at school, and it is hard not to lash out. But I know the consequences if I do. You know that silent girl in the back of the class who always has her hair covering her face, and doesn't say a word. Yeah, that's me and my sister. Hopefully you'll never see me again. That's what sucks about being immortal. We can't get attached to anyone, because we'll just have move and forget about them.
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