We are togeter and i cry. I wonder why


1. Cry

When we are together
I wonder why
It seems like you run away
I don't see the reason

There is no reason
To run away and hide
If we truly love
Why don't you stay

It is so sad
Give me another day
To love only you
I won't tell you goodbye

This will not be the
Last time I kiss you
Or hold you close
I just don't know why

You make me feel like I'm flying
As I dream of you at night
I see you smiling
As I look into your eyes

I want to dance with you
While you sing to me
I will not rest
With a broken heart

I don't know if it is wise
To love you or not
You always run away
I just want you to stay

This will not be the last kiss
Just give me one more day
To love only you
Hold you close again

I don't know why
I cry
I just want to love you
Forever and always
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