A Prison Of Chains

A prison of chains is in my heart. When I think of you/


1. A prison Of Chains

There's a prison of chains

In my heart

When I think of  you and

All the memories


It drives me to tears

You make me cry

While I drive you insane

I ned you baby


Stay with me

Give me help

Drive these prison chains  away

I am crazy in love with you


You never told me goodbye

You just walked away

I was crazy

Over you


You made me cry

It was all the time

Stay with me baby

Please don't go


Don't let me lose you

I'm in a prison of chains

No reason for you to see my pain

When I see only you


Why do you do it

Tell me why

It just goes on

Now your gone


Your lost I guess

All my memories

Are in a prison of chains

My tears are falling


Tell me you will help

Just give me one more chance

To love you one more day

Stay with me don't go


As the lights go down

The skies are dark

No moon out to see

The stars don't shine


I remember the day

You called my name

It was crazy

You felt the same


Stay with me

You never said goodbye

Just walked out the door

It goes on and on


A prison of chains

Is where I'm at

Not knowing when

Your coming or going


Now your gone

To me your lost

Let me free from

A prison of chains


My tears are falling

My spirit is broken

My love is on hold

When the lights go down


Your voice I hear

Calling my name

You feel the same

With me you will stay


My memories are in chains

I'm  drowning in my tears

Will you hwlp me

Tell me you will stay


If the lights go down

Call my name

I know you feel the same

Fly with me


Don't leave me

In a prison of chains

Stay with me

Love me the same



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