They are just to beautiful..

When a girl meets five new boys at her new school. Love takes over but rather than loving one boy.... she begins to fall for five. one by one. hooking each along the way.


1. First day

I wake up to the familiar voice of my sister singing " Nothings fine im torn" at the top of her lungs. " shut up for gods sake" I yell from upstairs " oh shut it Abbie" she replies. It wasn't until then when I realized what day it was, my first day of school in the uk since I moved here from Georgia. I rushed to the bathroom and turned on the shower while undressing myself and grabbing a towel from the cabinet. Once I got out of the shower and put on boot cut jeans, boots, a built ford tough t-shirt, and a sraw hat, it wasn't until then I noticed how much I would stand out here. I rushed down stairs and out the door. I got into my truck and took off down the unfamiliar road towards my new high school. I ran threw the courtyard towards the front desk in order to pick up my schedule, when I bumped into a rather handsome boy with curly brown hair and stunning green eyes. "hello love are you alright?" he ask seeming legitamently concerned " uhh yeah I uhh well I may be uhh bleeding" I said in a southern accent as I felt my face turn red. He held out his hand to help me up and the ask where I was headed in such a hurry, when I replied he walked me the rest of the way. Once I picked up my schedule, the boy who had walked me there read it over my shoulder " I have Mr. bold also! and every other class with you I might add" he said to me sounding rather excited. he grabbed my hand and pulled me off towards the class room. when we got into the class a blonde haired boy with beautiful blue eyes ask" whos your friend harry?" so his name was harry okay." uhmm I honestly do not know" harry replies."well you look awful friendly not to know" another boy with darker hair adds while motioning his eyes towards our hands. I looked down and realized they were still connected......… ***** HELLO!!!! Please comment weather or not you like this! I have no life so I will write everyday if yall like this! I am Abbiegale, and this is my first try at writing so I really would love to know what all yall think bout it!******

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