I tried something different from my normal poem writing style thingy, and this is what I came up with.. Enjoy <3


1. Us

I love how the sunlight flows in the air.

It reminds me how it used to light up your hair.

And your smile, showing off your happiness.

You know, I’d do anything to get back to us.


‘Cause the start lies in the ending,

And everything’s depending,

On what we’ll do.

When we’re starting new.


I still remember that trip to the forest.

Us running around, trying not to get lost.

Looking up, pointing at the stars.

Forgetting about all our scars.


‘Cause the truth lies in history.

In the past of both you and me.

In what we remember.

When we’re together.


Do you remember,

What we used to be?

You and me.


Do you remember,

What we used to say.

You and me.



‘Cause the problem is our solution.

We will regret this fake illusion.


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